15 July 2009

Pam's House Blend: Jeff Sessions is a man and isn't qualified to question Sotomayor...

...his testicles are shrinking before my very eyes...

Well, it's refreshing to see liberals championing women again. I'm sure Sarah Palin, Condi Rice, and Janice Rogers Brown would have welcomed the change a little sooner than later. Pam Spaulding, of Pam's House Blend, is criticizing "pale males" who have the audacity to question Sonia Sotomayor on her tendency to champion the minority over the white guy. As I mentioned before about many in the pro-Sotomayor crowd, they haven't noted Sonia's reversals and backtracking on her words. They are highlighting Jeff Sessions' testimony before the US Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986, to try and distract people from the truth about Sonia.

At least Pam Spaulding has now admitted that a strong woman makes men like Chrissy Matthews and Barack Obama jealous. But of course, none of her criticism is directed at the likes of those in the media who were airlifted to Juneau on September 30th, 2008. It will be even more refreshing when Pam gets her friends in the media to collectively admit that Palin, and Hillary Clinton, were treated shamelessly by them. When Condoleeza Rice and Sarah Palin voiced opposition to the savagery they faced, Pam slammed Rice for distracting from Senator Boxer's alleged main point about the sacrifice of military families and encouraged Katie Couric to take the gloves off when she interviewed Governor Palin last year. So it seems disingenuous for Ms. Spaulding to issue caution warnings to GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee after calling on Palin and Rice's opponents to take "the gloves off" when talking to conservative women.

As I have always said, liberals view any policy differences personally, which is why they don't see the Republican senators questioning Sotomayor as legitimate. This confirmation process is less about race, and more about whether Sonia is qualified for the court. Liberals are making this about Sotomayor's race, as she did, when she made her comment about being a "wise Latina." They highlight Jeff Sessions' alleged racial bias, by relying on the testimony of one J. Gerald Hebert, and believe that Senator Sessions, like the other white Republicans, are threatened by the slippage of a white majority. Obviously, they haven't heard the same confirmation hearings I have. None of the Democratic senators have taken the view their base has in these hearings. I'm sure someone as uncouth as Charles Schumer and Al Franken would have pointed that out.

Unlike Democrats during the Alito and Thomas hearings, Republicans are ensuring that Sotomayor is being candid about her jurisprudence (which she isn't). Not one Democratic ally, that I know of, was cautioning Democratic senators on the Judicary Committee to tred lightly in their treatment of Justice Thomas. They tried to derail that man before he sat down in front of the dais, led by the NAACP and the paragon of women's rights, Bob Packwood (R-OR), was right there to oppose Thomas. I just wish liberals would be honest with not only themselves, but with the public and agree with Sotomayor's opponents, that she's not qualified. They can cry all day long about white men scared of their diminishing power, but I notice these arguments were absent when the nominee was a minority of a different political persuasion.

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