29 July 2009

Obama 2008: We should transcend partisan politics!

Obama 2009: All my problems are Bushitler's fault...

It's hard out there for a race-baiting president. He thought he was going to ride the wave of this transcendentalism political thingie and enact his agenda without any resistance. He was the one who was going to say a few words and all our problems would disappear. All he had to do was rely on San Fran Nan and Pinky Reid to get the magical wave started. Now, six months into his administration, the "stimulus" bill hasn't stimulated anything but his backers' pockets, crap-n-trade is stalled until September, and ObamaCare is all but dead on the Hill, and he's frustrated. Didn't his predecessor, in the note left for him on 20 Jan 09, tell him being POTUS wasn't easy? Perhaps dude shoulda stayed in the Senate a little longer.

He still believes his poll numbers are strong because he continues to blame others for his failings. In part, he's right, but the more people that wake up from his "Hope, but no Change" rhetoric, those numbers will come down as well. Some Democratic strategists are hoping to hypnotize the electorate in believing that Republicans have held the majority in Congress for the past three years, and that all of the problems we face as a nation is squarely on their shoulders. Slublog provides an antidote to the Democrats' poison. And Obama leads the charge hoping we all forget he's been a member of the US Senate since 2005.

In addition to it being difficult being President Obama, comes news also that it must be difficult to be a Democrat. A recurring theme throughout the campaign from Democrats was a similar theme of President Reagan in the Election of 1980, "were we better off than we were..." Since taking the majority on Capitol Hill, the unemployment rate has risen, the national debt has increased, and life doesn't seem to be getting any better. For the first time in a while, Republicans have a shot at regaining the majority in the House, as several polling outlets now say that a generic Republican will oust a generic Democrat on a generic ballot. I should note that the percentages are quite small, and in one poll, within the margin of error. Glenn Greenwald at Salon yawns. Would like to see the look on his face if the GOP does make a comeback!

Liberals can continue to be deluded in thinking Democrats are untouchable, in light of this evidence. The electorate is obviously not buying the spin coming from the Obama Attack Machine, as they are fed up with his punting and Democrats spending money we don't have. Obama has either forgotten, or hopes you have, that he was elected to fix the economy. If his "Swindle US" package had done at least that, I doubt he'd be facing an agenda stall now.

It's not only the economic agenda that leaves us scratching our heads. One episode where he could have shown leadership was the Iranian protests. His decision to "wait it out," effectively siding with the regime, is not what the Leader of the Free World should be doing. He should have condemned the Iranian regime the instant the crackdowns occurred, and refused to appear to be led by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, and finally having the gall to take credit for the protests he took two weeks to support. GayPatriotWest calls it "2LT syndrome." His lack of leadership is likely to get people killed, and I'm not sure he realizes that.

Say what you will about Bushit!, at least the man knew how to lead...

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