03 July 2009

Erik Nelson: Hey, did you know that Sarah Palin will make the GOP more retarded?

...but she's just hiding behind her children...

The details are still emerging, but the news of Governor Palin resigning her position as Alaska governor on July 26th is a bit shocking. If the governor is resigning because she's grown tired of the incessant attacks by the media and lefties, I guess I could sympathize with her. However, the governor's been in politics long enough to know that it is a nasty business. In my opinion, no other politician, besides former President Nixon, has been subjected to such distasteful coverage. Charles Krauthammer believes that she's grown tired of the constant attacks on her family, while Juan Williams leads the liberal conspiracy theory charge that a coming scandal is the reason.

Liberals have been trying since John McCain's announcement that she was his running mate, to tie Palin to some sort of scandalous behavior. They have tried since that day to demonize and marginalize her, while ignoring a similar candidate at the top of a ticket they supported. By having to defend herself and her family from attacks across the leftwing-o-sphere, her effectiveness as governor took a decline. Before she ran for Vice President, she enjoyed the highest approval ratings of any governor in the nation. By the time the campaign ended, her ratings dropped into the mid-60s. I am sure they've fallen even more since then.

Democrats and Palin-haters in the Republican Party now have a reason to oppose her in any future political endeavors the governor plans to undertake. They could charge her with abandoning the people of Alaska when the kitchen became hot, and could make the case she'll abandon her responsibilities in a higher office. My advice would be for her to lay low and better prepare herself for a rabid press and leftwing that doesn't view her as a real woman because she opposes their agenda.

The Right is divided in their opinions surrounding Sarahcuda's announcement. Jonah Goldberg believes Palin is blowing it, while others don't know what to make of it yet. Even her rationale for resigning is sounding a little absurd, but hey, if she wants to protect her family, then so be it. I still admire her, ever since I heard her speech at the Republican National Convention last year.

I don't think she's out...that's just my two cents.

Have a great day...and Happy Independence Day!

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