05 July 2009

Kos: Hey, you know the Republicans are like toddlers...

...but I often ignore the temper tantrums of Democrats...

While the Right is divided on what to make of Palin's decision to resign the Alaskan governorship on July 26th, liberals are united in thinking that the bitch must be crazy. John Amato, at the blue blog Crooks and Liars, wonders how Palin could handle Al Qaeda, if she couldn't handle a few blue bloggers attacking her and her family incessantly (I do recall conservatives were laughed at for suggesting the same thing about the 2007-2008 Democrat presidential contenders about abandoning a Fox News debate...and they were lauded for their bravado). They are asking how dare she quit on the people of Alaska, if she seeks to run for higher office, but they are overlooking the fact that President Obama did exactly the same thing...and was celebrated for it. It must be hard for Democrats to keep up with the many double standards they invoke.

I reject the reason being peddled by liberals that a scandal has sunk the U.S.S. Palin, for what I believe are obvious reasons. Liberals were giddy with Troopergate, when the investigation found that the governor acted properly. Keith Olbermann could hardly prevent himself from urinating on himself on live TV when the mother of Bristol Palin's baby daddy was arrested for possession of narcotics. With the aid of the media and her political opponents, the Palins have been subjected to 15 ethics complaints, and the cost of having to defend even the most frivolous can be costly. I don't think President Bush was subjected to this type of hate, and they hated that man with the passion of 1000 athlete's foot fungi. Palin Derangement Syndrome Sufferers aren't concerned with how this is affecting her family.

I am sure that I'm the last person the soon-to-be governor would ask for advice, but now that she has been the subject of the weekend news coverage, it would be in Sarahcuda's best interest to play this smart...especially if she desires to seek another public office. Her opponents, both in the Republican and Democratic parties, will salivate at any move that makes her resignation appear selfish. Russ from Winterset has a few ideas for Sarahcuda, should she plan to seek public office in the future. She should use her popularity with the "reich-wing" base as an asset to Republicans who espouse conservative principles...and stay the fuck away from Ron Paul and John McCain.

Some of my friends are saying that Palin would be powerless against Obama in 2012, but as I said sometime ago, barring a Gingrichian chicken-fighting move, like the 1995 government shutdown, which helped an unpopular President Clinton easily overtake Senator Bob Dole in the Election 1996, Obama will have his work cut out for him. The electorate is starting to question whether Obama is the man capable of fixing not only our economic problems, but our national security ones as well. If Palin helps out the GOP during the off-term election in 2010, and the GOP returns the favor, she could be the one to topple Obama from the presidency. I wouldn't write her off too quickly. I'm still an admirer of hers, ever since she came on the national scene last year.

There is one issue that I have with Palin's announcement. During one of the debates during the presidential election of 1980, then President Carter was chided for asking his daughter, Amy, what the most important issue was. In the political world, it isn't wise to ask one's family members about these types of issues and hinge their opinions on them. It appears as if Palin stuck her finger in the wind to see which way the political winds were blowing, and this could be perceived as selfish. Those of us who admire Palin know this isn't selfish, but we don't control the media either, who have not been shy about showing their contempt for a woman whose opinions don't align with their own.

As for kos' suggestion that the GOP are toddlers, I haven't heard any Republican bitch about truths being told about them being tactics of a Democratic Attack Machine. Everytime Democrats are reminded of their scandalous behavior, they dismiss it as an attack by the Republican noise machine. After all, who was blamed for spreading pictures of Obama dressed in Muslim garb? The Right, when in truth, it was the Clinton campaign. Congressman Peter Stark was not a Republican when he uttered on the House floor that then President Bush was amused about US Forces Iraq getting their heads blown off. It wasn't the Republicans who were bitching about having to throw their black separatist pastor under the bus. Republicans are always apologizing for not only their sins, but everyone else's aswell. I think kos needs to get a new prescription.

I hope you all had a happy Fourth of July!

Have a great day...

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