02 July 2009

Dana Milbank: Hey, that guy's no real journalist!

Dr Asten: Then again, neither is Dana Milbank...

Helen Thomas is mad...nay, pissed at the Obama White House for having a plant at the Obama Show last week. Thomas was so pissed off, she invoked the name of Richard M. Nixon, to set how low the White House had gone to control the news media. Apparently, Thomas was absent on the five years of the Nixon presidency. The press was very adversarial towards Nixon, even while he was Vice President, and he sought to control the seemingly incessant national security leaks coming from the White House, by hiring "Plumbers." In Obama's case, the media made sure it placed Obama on a pedestal, ensuring he was always comfortable. If Thomas were paying attention, she'd have known that to ask Obamessiah hard questions is not only racist, but forces him to be uncomfortable...just ask Joe the Plumber.

Dana Milbank, who used to be Keith Olbermann's go to guy on mocking Republicans, is equally pissed. It would be easy to say that Milbank is expressing selective outrage on this matter, but he isn't. When Jeff Gannon was outed by liberals as a former gay escort and porn star, for asking then President Bush a "softball" question, he was among those who cried bloody murder. Media Matters, and you know how I feel about them, rushed to Nico Pitney's defense by quoting two other bloggers saying the question was "tough" (I think I just got a call from my real estate agent saying someone wants to buy that swampland in the Sahara I was selling...). That a blue blogger would ask Obama a "tough" question is absurd on its face, considering how throughout the campaign Obama acolytes constantly portrayed any "tough" questions directed at Obama was racist. Who does MMFA think we are? Stupid as them?

Apparently they believe we are. As Obama's numbers continue to decline on the economy, because of his lack of a cohesive plan on restoring the economy, and the rising unemployment numbers, the president is looking for a diversion from his fading personality. It has been an okay week for Obama, who ran as a moderate, but is being exposed as the liberal he is. The Supremes overturned a ruling made by Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. This will have no impact on whether Sotomayor will be confirmed or not, even though polls are showing a plurality of the electorate are viewing her unfavorably. It does, however, show how partisan the president and outdated affirmative action are.

It is good that people are starting to see that they were bamboozled into believeing that the change Obama pledged was the same change they felt was needed in this nation. Hopefully, nothing will surge Obama's approval numbers, like Newt Gingrich's chicken-fight with President Clinton that not only made his lagging numbers start to surge, but allowed him a second term.

Are people still gonna demonize the good doctah for not giving Obama time to sail the US down the river?

Have a great day...

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