30 July 2009

Democrats: We're strong on terror, just like the Republicans...

...we're actually timid when it comes time to prove it...

Most Obamabots agree that the president has marked a sharp contrast to the bungling, keystone cop-like, Bush Administration. They have this mindset that because the Bushites actually took the terrorists at their word, they were being unfair to the terrorists. We were called on by liberals to understand their plight and moderate our rhetoric to appease the terrorists, and this way, they would go home and leave us the hell alone. Oh, and that our opposition to appeasement was inherent in racism (almost forgot that one...). On the campaign trail, Obamessiah called Bush foreign policy "dumb" and "made us less safer," (another instance where crazy lefties' theories were aired by Democrats) even though terrorist plots were being stopped by our Justice and Defense Departments. Upon his first day in office, Obama pledged, with Secretary of State Clinton's acknowledgement, that the US would engage in "smart power," who's first mission was to quell tensions in Russia (and we all know how that turned out...lol!).

So far, the Obama foreign policy of "smart power" has been anything but. From his slow-footed response to the Iranian regime's crackdown on protestors, condemning Israel while appeasing Arab governments that sponsor terror groups, to siding with a power grab in Honduras, the president is showing that he's more adept at being a grievance monger than being an actual leader, or a rebuttal against a policy he declared "dumb." Debra Burlingame, sister of late pilot Charles "Chic" Burlingame of Flight 77 fame, which crashed into the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, writes an article in the Wall Street Journal about "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid's latest attempt to continue his jihad against the United States. In 2007, Reid filed a lawsuit against the United States claiming that the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) violated his First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. SAMs are rules that are put in place against an inmate that would prevent him from corresponding, communicating, or contacting others when those actions pose a serious risk of bodily injury or death to others.

It should be no secret that terrorists do not cease their jihad once they enter prison. In fact, one of the reasons why Lynne Stewart sits in prison is because she violated a directive put in place against Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, that he be prevented from communicating, corresponding, and contacting members of his terror group, a move David Cole of The Nation called a "stretch," and "an indication of how far things got in the 'War on Terror'" and equating the Justice Department to the terror groups. It is clear that Stewart was abetting her client, and not just a naïve woman who was caught at in the wrong place at the wrong time, as liberals claimed about John Walker Lindh, Yasser Hamdi, and José Padilla. While in prison, terrorists conduct prayer meetings in languages not understood by their English-speaking correctional officers. The Justice Department, in 2008, dismissed Reid's claim, and cited another terrorist, Mohammed Ajaj's similar disdain for the safety of the US.

In the discussion of Obama's not-to-well-thought-out move to close GITMO, several of his supporters latched on to the fact that no prisoner has escaped from SuperMax in Colorado. They don't note, however, the constitutional problems this move would cause, and I seriously doubt the ACLU will cease coddling terror suspects if they moved within the borders of the United States. The executive order was clearly designed to pander to the fringe element on the Left, you know the one that doesn't make policy for Democrats, to close GITMO. To be such a "smart man," the president clearly isn't thinking, on this, or other matters.

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