14 July 2009

Margaret Wente: I don't know the difference between a politician and a judge...

...but I DO know how to write an attack piece...

I recognize the need for the electorate to have a boot camp of sorts on the Amurican system of government, since 3.5% of high school students can answer which body of the government has the power to try impeachment cases. I'm willing to give Margaret Wente, of Canadian magazine, The Globe and Mail, the benefit of the doubt in her ignorance about how the US judiciary is supposed to be impartial, and not placate their ideological base. The theme of Wente's article is to tie the Republican Party to her view of Governor Palin's political beliefs, while trumpeting Judge Sotomayor's rise from the Bronx to sitting on the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit.

She calls Palin the "most scarily incompetent vice-presidential nominee in the history of the United States," but doesn't recall Walter Mondale's inability to convince a majority of the nation of his abilities in 1984. A razor-thin majority in his own state was convinced, whereas Sarah Palin was able to help John McCain's campaign immensely. Had she not been a part of the McCain campaign, he would have lost to Barry-O to a much wider margin. Besides, if Barack Obama was such a smart politician, he'd have trounced McCain in the election. His victory should have been like me fighting a three year old child, but it wasn't. Liberals should be so deluded. Wente attacks Republicans for leveling criticisms at Sotomayor, based on her temper, her penchant for playing identity politics, and legislating from the bench. She attempts to take Republicans to the woodshed for talking about Palin's sexist treatment by the media, but obviously, they don't have sexism or racism in Canada (silly me...).

Eugene Robinson jumps on the bandwagon, cautioning Republicans to go easy on Sotomayor. He, like the alleged Hispanic rights groups, frames their opposition as attacking a poor and innocent Hispanic woman, and is therefore, racist. During Senator Sessions' (R-AL) Q & A today with Judge Sotomayor, she wasn't able to defend her remarks about her Latina heritage allowing her to reach a better conclusion than a white male counterpart. Despite liberal protestations, Justice Alito's reliance on his Italian heritage in his decisions was not fighting against minorities, but to use his background to help him make the best decision to effect all people...not just Italian-Americans, or Latinos in Sotomayor's case. She, like the guy who nominated her, has this belief that they must stick it to "whitey" for all the things they've done to minorities. I am not surprised Robinson was unable to come to this easy conclusion, since he hangs out with two people on Mess-NBC who also believe that opposition to Obama is racist.

Senator Sessions, so far, is exposing the two Sotomayors. The one that was trying to stick it to "whitey," and the one sitting in the Senate Hart Building Room 216. Liberals have made the argument about race, as they have claimed her Latinaness is the only qualification she needs to sit with John Roberts and the Supremes. Her personal story was championed by every. single. Democrat. including newly seated US Senator Al Franken, who spent 10 minutes in his opening statement yesterday, talking about himself. Not one Democrat reflected on the upbringing of Clarence Thomas, who grew up in far worse conditions than Sotomayor. Thomas grew up in a shack with no running water (well, I take that back, he had to run down to the creek to get it), while Sotomayor grew up in public housing.

Pat Buchanan, who recently came under fire for suggesting Todd Palin push Levi Johnston's head in a toilet, says that Republican questioners of Sotomayor should not follow the media script. He says that Republicans should not be concerned about winning votes in a city that has been, for a number of years, a Democratic stronghold, and instead try to win back those who've been disillusioned by a party that continues to follow the media script. Though I advocate the GOP becoming more big tent, it should not cater to those who are so hell-bent in not supporting its platform. Many of the Hispanic groups who have demanded the GOP to go easy on Sotomayor, will not vote for a Republican. The GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee shouldn't worry whether La Raza must pre-screen questions before they ask them. The GOP should expose Sotomayor as the militant she is, and keep Obama honest.

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