08 July 2009

House Democrats: Using images of 9/11 is fearmongering and should not be replayed on its anniversary...

...let's focus on more pertinent issues, like forever apologizing to blacks for enslaving them...

I recall during last year's Republican National Convention how liberals were outraged at videos replaying the events of September 11th. They were afraid that people were going to see how Democrats are forever going to be tainted as the party who is soft on terror. They cried that the RNC was using the videos for political purposes, and that it should be declared off-limits. This would be absurd, if it didn't come from the same group of people that had to be reminded incessantly that people die in military conflicts, continued to believe President Bush had advanced knowledge of the attacks on 9/11, and tried to pass yet another congressional resolution apologizing for slavery...shit, bad examples!

It goes without saying that the slave trade was a blemish in US History, but the US has more than made up for it, despite Democratic protestations for granting blacks equal treatment under the law. Today, a black man and woman can reach the highest levels of government and private industries. Lest people forget, the United States has, for the first time in its history, a black president. It's puzzling why Congress continues to debate this issue, and not focus on more pertinent issues, like the unemployment rate of blacks and Hispanics, which stands at 14.9% and 12.7% respectively. Instead, we have a prominent Democrat authoring a House resolution, cosponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, honoring the "legacy" of Michael Jackson, who I think contributed much less to society than he's given credit for. I definitely will not allow my children to look to him as a role model.

As long as Democrats in Congress, and Republicans who exhibit "white guilt," believe Jim Crow still rules the day in Amurica, we'll continue to be exposed to meaningless congressional resolutions and fear of "offending" blacks, and other minorities, by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions. The government does not have the money to continue to play parent to grown-ass men and women. I mean, it's fine to seek aid from the government for temporary assistance...but to make a livelihood of government dependence breeds the culture of irresponsibility that permeates the black community, as well as other cultures who thrive on government dependence.

Then again, who would hire Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, if they became jobless?

Have a great day...

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