09 July 2009

Democrats: Hey, we're looking terribly bad right now...it's time to break out our favorite excuse!

Dr. Asten: I wonder if they'll get away with it this time...

I wrote that back in 2006, when the Democrats took advantage of a litany of Republican vulnerabilities, that they could stop bitching about the way government was running at the time, and do something about it. They complained about high gas prices, how President Bush was fucking up in Iraq, the spending like drunken sailors, etc. In the three years since they took the majority, they claimed they were powerless against Bush, even though they had more than enough votes to override his vetoes. When things began looking bad for them, they continued to blame Bush, and that meme stuck with the electorate up until this past election. Even with DC being fully Democratic, not just the local government, they're still blaming Bush and he's been out of office for almost 7 months.

I can't say that I totally blame Democrats, since this play has worked over and over again and the Republican Party has been powerless to stop it. Like in a football game, if your opponent can't adjust their defense to sack your quarterback or stop the run, keep running the play until they do. Eventually, however, this makes the game all the more predictable, not to mention, boring. With the economy still continuing to slip, unemployment on the rise, and our taxes going up, Democrats need to take the focus off of them and divert the attention of the masses back to something that gets them sympathy...blame Bush (notice the time period...).

I will continue to peddle my theme that Democrats are covering up for Obamessiah's failings, by trying to keep the masses from waking up from their slumber. The latest distraction involves Speaker of the House, San Fran Gran Nan and CIA Director, Leon Panetta. The dustup is based on Granny McBotoximplants' suggestion that the CIA routinely misleads Congress, and Panetta claiming they do not. A testimony by Panetta on June 24th seems to vindicate Speaker Mimi, but according to ABC News' Jonathan Karl, it doesn't. Panetta isn't changing his statement, and as Andrea Mitchell told Keith Olbermann, the letter fired off by six Democrats on the House Select Intelligence Committee are Pelosi sycophants, and don't represent a majority of the Democrats on the committee. Not even the committee chairman, Silvestre Reyes, believe the dustup vindicates Speaker Pelosi, so unfortunately for Alan Colmes...she's not getting one anytime soon. In a surprise move, conservatives and Republicans are being blamed for this scandal.

Something which I don't understand. It was Pelosi who questioned the candor of the CIA, not the other way around. Besides, Pelosi has enough sycophants in the House to launch and investigation into the charges she made...she didn't. It isn't clear, yet, what was discussed in Panetta's meeting with the committee in June, but sources do indicate that interrogation techniques were not the topic of discussion. He only mentioned a technique that hadn't been properly briefed to members of Congress, not that the CIA lied to the body. That won't prevent Democrats from trying to shift blame, as they've been doing that since the 1800s.

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