07 July 2009

Obama: Did you know the Chinese care more about the US than I do?

...that's why they laughed at lil Timmy Geithner when he visited there a few weeks ago...

People flock to the United States because we're a beacon, a shining light upon a hill. They admire our freedoms, our strong stance on behalf of it, our culture, and our willingness to sometimes take the road less traveled and popular to make sure people who are oppressed have the opportunity to experience our ways of life. In my view, democracy is a bit like the sacrifice Christ made for us. He suffered oppression so that we may have the opportunity to experience freedom. Once people get a taste of the freedom Christ and democracy offer, they yearn to experience it uninhibited. Thugocracies, like the ones in Iran, Venezuela, and the type of government Al Qaeda wish to foist upon the rest of us, are aware that once people experience a scintilla of freedom, their power base is less secure. That is why they try their damnedest to illegitimize the US by blaming their failings on us. By illegitimizing the United States, these thugs hope that their populace become disillusioned by what they believe a silly idea democracy is.

Unwittingly giving this distorted view of the US some credibility is the current president, who values the oppressive cultures of nations like Iran and Venezuela, over the cultures of free nations. To him, the reason Chavez and A-jad act as they do is the white man's fault. Sure, white people aren't blameless for the things they've done in the world, but they aren't the reason why Russia is a prime example of a totalitarian form of government. White people aren't the reason Ahmadinejad and the mullahs try to snuff out opposition to their thuggery...and white people aren't the reason Chavez has tried to force his people to look at his ugly mug incessantly. To hear Obama's tirades against his own country, you'd think he'd want to move to these other nations, whose accomplishments he believes far outshadow any contribution the US has made in the global society. Did anyone else have to take a shower after his lackluster Fourth of July speech?

President Obama doesn't mind being dissed, and made to look like a fool. He tried once to poke fun at the Bushites, but it was him that looked foolish. He can't seem to make a speech without taking a swipe at his predecessors. Much was made about President Bush's ability to look into Vladmir Putin's "soul" to see what he is thinking. Obama seems to have carried that to another level, by saying outright that he "trusts Medvedev," so much so, that he's willing to sacrifice our missile systems to mollify the Big Russian Bear. Could that be the reason our dear leader intends to bypass the US Senate and commit the US to nuclear disarmament? Where's all the liberals claiming to love the US Constitution more than you do complaining about this? Of course, that question was rhetorical.

At last count, President Obama has a supermajority in the Senate, so his attempts to bypass the Senate seems illogical. Ed Morrissey believes that Obama intends to concede more to the Russians before the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty expires at the end of the year. Surprised our new "unitary executive" hadn't done this with Kyoto...since liberals howled when President Bush refused to abide by it, after the US Senate rejected THAT treaty 95-0.

Somewhere, Jimmah Carter is smiling his ass off...because he's finally got a president he can say is worse than him.

Have a great day...

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