29 July 2009

Liberals: Damn you rightwing nuts! Don't you understand the words that are coming out of our mouths?

...criticizing Obama is R-A-C-I-S-T!

You knew it wasn't going to last for long. The good doctah has returned to his senses and started seeing liberals for the opportunists they are. Coming on the heels of agreeing that the Birther issue is one not worth pursuing, comes a return to the theme that played throughout last year's presidential campaign...critiquing Obama is racist, especially if a white guy does it (if a black guy does it, like the good doc, then he's guilty of either not giving him a chance or a complete sellout). Borrowing a theme from conservatives about liberals' bouts with reality during the first eight years of the decade, comes their idea that conservative criticisms of Obama lie not only in racism, but because of ODS (if you have no clue about ODS, just replace the 'B' in BDS with Obama...and liberals always malign conservatives for not being original). Of course they believe the leader of the Obama Derangement Syndrome movement is none other than honorary senator, Rush Limbaugh.

Kleefeld goes on a tirade against Limbaugh for the parody, Barack the Magic Negro, based on an article in the LA Times, by a man of African descent, David Ehrenstein, who repeatedly lampooned Barack Obama on forgetting where he came from. In his first article, of the same name, Ehrenstein talks about how Barack Obama lent himself as the balm to assuage "white guilt," as Paul Shanklin's parody pointed out. His second article lampoons Obama for trying to play both sides of the fence on gay issues, by courting gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin, who claimed to be an "ex-gay," and complaining that the GLB"t" community was challenging his authenticity on gay issues. The final article went after Obama for allowing Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. The bottom line, Ehrenstein was making it clear that Obama is an opportunist, the same theme Republicans and Hillary Clinton voters pointed out during the primaries. Are Obamabots going call the lot of us "racists" as well?

Kleefeld, nor his friend Zandar, pointed out at least two instances where Obama has shown that he's out for "whitey." There was no mention by them about the Obama Justice Department dismissing a blatant episode of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, and playing the race card in Skip-gate before all the facts were known. He has offered nothing but scorn for the United States, and bends over backwards to embellish the record of other nations. This nation was founded by dead white guys, and the president believes he has to remind us they were racists, too.

Whenever the "race card" is played to shut down an argument, or cease criticism of a particular policy, the one it is played on should see the vulnerability in the other's argument. The "race card" is a distraction, and in this case, a distraction from Obama's failures as president. Democrats, namely San Fran Nan, are unpopular now as unemployment rises, and an increasing percentage of the electorate believes the government is wasting more money, and not helping the economy. The man is six months in his presidency and has very little, if anything, to show for it. And the best Obamabots have is to call us "racists"?

Liberals believe in this deluded notion that the more Republicans and conservatives go after Obama's vulnerabilities, they will alienate more members of the electorate. Oddly, this political strategy worked very well for them in 2006 and 2008. They continue to be deluded by the notion that Barack is indeed a "magic negro," who with a few words will make all our problems go away. Sometimes, I, too wish I was was dreaming...

Can the "magic negro" find the words soon? 'Cause my company is looking at layoffs if things don't get better...

Have a great day...

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