08 July 2009

Media Matters: Hey, what's up with the rush to call this thing a failure?

...Paul Krugman, the arbiter of failure, hasn't declared such...

Nothing gets liberals' hotter than dissing their Golden Child (but they hail the Russians...WEIRD!). All of a sudden, we have to play nice with Obama because he's still cleaning up "George W. Bush's mess." I don't know about you, but when I, or my parents had to clean up messes, they didn't create more of the same mess to exacerbate the problem. We did what needed to be done and the mess was dealt with. We didn't try to scare the shit out of everybody and demand they create more of a headache by overblowing the significance of the problem at hand. When the job market took a nosedive in the final months of President Bush's term, he forsook his free-market principles and set the course for our current situation. President Obama preached fiscal responsibility throughout the campaign, and John McCain's chicken-with-his-head-cut-off response to the situation showed that Obama may have had a better handle on the situation than the Republican presidential nominee. I noted that President Obama was silent on the growing beast during his time as a US Senator, and only addressed it when it became a Republican liability...even though a majority of people, and the media, still believed Republicans held the majority on Capitol Hill. This, despite video showing how Barney Frank, and several other Democrats, claimed there was no problem and that Republicans were being racists for drawing attention to it.

We are in our current situation, according to liberals, because of Ronald Raygun and "supply-side economics," (even though NO Republican politician has ever ran on such a platform) not because of Jimmy Carter's runaway inflation, blaming Amuricans in his "malaise" speech, or his just all-around ineptitude. They are under this notion that the 1980s represented a decade of greed, personified by the TV shows, Dallas and Dynasty. These are the same people who believe that Clinton was a "moderate centrist" (and they call conservatives dumb...), and had a budget surplus that Bushitler and his "war of lies" squandered (I wonder which 'war' they're referring to...). Unfortunately for them, and the "historical revisionists" that Historical Revisionist Keith Olbermann despises, President Clinton nevuh...I repeat, NEVUH had a budget surplus. Every year of his presidency, the national debt increased. MMFA lashes out at Rush Limbaugh for pointing out, truthfully, the Clinton surplus myth...but, as usual, they fall flat on their face.

Usually, when people try to peddle the myth, they cite the Congressional Budget Office numbers, and state that since they're non-partisan, they don't favor one party over the other. What they fail to mention is the CBO can be political and their numbers may or may not be accurate. The numbers used by MMFA to try and call Limbaugh a liar, don't add up and did not include all the criteria used to determine the national deficit, as shown on Craig Steiner's website:

However, further analysis of the document should make it very clear that important information is missing from the CBO document--specifically focusing on the last two columns of the table on page 1. If you take the $3,772.3 billion debt held by the public at the end of 1997 and subtract the "total" $69.3 billion surplus stated for 1998, you would expect to see the debt go down by 69.3 billion to $3,703 billion. Instead, the debt indicated for 1998 is $3,721.1 billion--suggesting a surplus of only $51.2 billion. This alone should tell you that the CBO numbers aren't telling the whole story because they don't add up--and the story they aren't telling is intergovernmental holdings.

Funny how liberal criticism of the economy somehow absolves Clinton. Even I felt that he was restrained from being pre-Obama because of the Republican-led Congress. Media Matters is also upset that conservative critics of Porkulus haven't listened to Paul Krugman, who hasn't said flatly, the stimulus hasn't stemmed the tide of the shrinking economy. Left out of MMFA's diatribe is the fact that many Democrats are feeling the heat in the kitchen as well. They are noticing the stimulus hasn't had the intended effect, and furthermore, the "stimulus" money that has been spent already, has been used to protect government bureaucrats, not the private sector, which is why the unemployment rate continues to rise. The state governments mostly used the money to pay down state deficits...which, cash strapped California was going to do. The idea was to protect the state bureaucracy, not the private sector (Wreckovery.com indeed!). Michelle Malkin has for your perusal, two documents that detail how Porkulus has been spent AND a GOP report dissecting the failures of Wreckovery.com Part One. And stupid-assed Democrats are floating the idea of Wreckovery.com Part Two...

Neal Boortz offered a suggestion during the 10 o'clock hour on his radio program. Although I don't know too much about economics, as I stayed far, far away from that subject in college, it sounded like a pretty good plan. He suggested the Obama Administration could extend to corporations who have overseas tax shelters, to bring that capital back to the US, with no tax penalty. According to Boortz, about $16 Trillion of overseas tax shelters of US corporations helps to support the economies of other nations, because of the high tax penalty in the US. If Obama were to extend this amnesty for about half of that money, Boortz suggested, what wonders it would do for our economy. Obama's not really interested in recovering the economy, since he's using the confiscatory policies of the government, and pledging more regulations.

They must have had a sale on the antidote for Obama-Aid(hur, hur, hur...). John Harwood, of CNBC, suggested that the "stimulus" money is not being used in ways the Obama Administration had hoped, since the government did not spend it fast enough, and based on Vice President Biden's suggestion that the administration misread the numbers. He suggested that tax cuts would have been the better route, instead of relying on the Keynesian Theory of economics, which has shown to be NOT the way to go.

Shit, can we afford to help Chrissy Matthews achieve his dream of making this administration a success?

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