06 November 2009

Liberals: While the fire rages in the GOP, we'll light a few matches of our own...

...hopefully we won't burn ourselves up in the process...

Coming on the heels of liberals desire to continue being political ostriches, is the story that MoveOn.org is planning to primary Democratic moderates who don't care to return to the pot of ObamAid (Clutch the pearls!). The "Head Pat Media" wants the populace to focus on the non-existent "civil war" occurring in the GOP, while there's a bloodbath going on in the Democratic caucus. The idea that grassroots Republicans want conservatives to represent them seems problematic for the "Head Pat Media's" desire for a permanent Democratic majority.

My blogger friend, Zandar, decided to go after Allahpundit yesterday, claiming when Allah went after Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), he was wanting to purge the GOP of dissenting views. Allah, in agreement with Ace at AOSHQ, emphasizes there needs to be a bridge between conservatives and centrists. I challenge a liberal to find a conservative who believes there's no room in the conservative movement for people who are center-right, like yours truly (Hint: You won't find one...). If Zandar and other liberals' premise about the GOP is correct, will they be able to explain groups like GOPROUD and Log Cabin Republicans? Of course not, as that will disprove the assertion.

I don't mean to give campaign advice to Democrats, but if we keep hearing deluded commentary like this, then 2010 will definitely be a mess for the Democrats. If the idea to make the GOP more palatable to the electorate is to become more like Democrats, it would be foolhardy for Democrats to push their moderates to the GOP. Sure, liberals will trumpet the poll which shows party identification for the GOP at 20%, but that has more to do with the GOP forgetting their grassroots, instead of the GOP becoming extremists. It seems the elections this past Tuesday has caused a rightward shift in the GOP, to the consernation of many Dems (Even the delusional crowd who puzzingly see Democrats increasing their majorities next year...).

Right now, there is a blood bath in the Democratic party over ObamaCare. Moderate Democrats, the ones slated for the slaughter by MoveOn.org, are up in arms over the public option being used to cover abortions (Even though liberals insisted that the Hyde Amendment would prevent such coverage, but in truth, it limits that prohibition to MediCare) and the certainty that whatever bill the Pelosi/Reid/Obama cabal agree to, will blow up the deficit. Instead of realizing the real threats, Democrats and liberals would rather focus on the NY-23 win this past Tuesday, to bolster the stupid claim that the Republican party is suffering from a civil war...and boo hoo over Tom Price (R-GA) preventing a congresswoman from "speaking" (Something tells me that John Aravosis wasn't too concerned about Republicans being literally locked out of deliberations during an investigation into Countrywide Financial...).

Don't you just LOOOOVE selective outrage coming from liberals?!

National Review has a list of 55 nervous Democrats, but remember...the "Head Pat Media" wants you to think it's only the GOP that has problems with moderates, when it's the moderates who have a problem with the conservatives...not the other way 'round. Democrats celebrated Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic Party in March, while the rest of us felt he just made it official, as he had been courting Democrats for years.

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Liberals: Hey, let's put our fingers in our ear and shout at the top of our lungs...

...that's more important than acknowledging the real problems...

As I was leaving work yesterday, I learned of the tragic shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas. I prayed and continue to pray for the families of the fallen and wounded, as well as the victims themselves. I even pray for the shooter(s), because even they need comfort during this dark time. Though the shooter in everyone's focus, Major Malik Nadal Hassan, is Muslim, this should not be turned into an indictment of all Muslims.

Liberals, who jump at every tragedy and attempt to tie it to conservatives, are urging caution and are issuing citations at righties, whom they believe, have already convicted Major Hassan. According to several sources, Major Hassan, routinely expressed his disdain for the Global War on Terror effort to rid the world of "man-caused disasters." He felt Muslims should not fight other Muslims and championed the cause of suicide bombers, likening them to the heroic acts of US Military members who give their lives for their units (I'm starting to get sick...seriously). From the looks of it, Major Hassan comes from a long list of Muslim extremists who routinely infiltrate the US Military. It's a problem that plagues the military, but it is equally difficult to administer a psychological screening to successfully weed people like this out. If someone REALLY wants to join the military, they'll lie in order to do it.

"Cautious" liberals routinely overlook the obvious because they have difficulty in condemning truely evil acts when they occur. Let me explain. In the aftermath of September 11th, liberals issued citations to those who recognized that the murderers were extremists, who happened to be Muslim. Despite then-President Bush and other conservatives' insistence that our future contingency in Afghanistan would not be a reincarnation of the Crusades, liberals felt that we were, indeed, attacking Muslims for killing almost 3,000 US citizens. They felt we should inconvenience my 80 year old grandmother as much as we should a man or woman who buys flammable material, has no luggage, and carries a Qu'ran. They instead focus on another subject which, in many cases, is immaterial...like Major Hassan having PTSD, even though he never deployed to the Middle East.

Equally outrageous is President Obama's two minute wait to acknowledge the shooting (Silly fool, he had to get his "shoutouts" out de way ;-)):

Laura Ingraham calls it our first terrorist attack since 9/11...

More details will be forthcoming...you can follow updates here

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05 November 2009

The return of Dr. Asten...

he was out, not down

There have been many a news item that transpired during my hiatus that I was itching to comment on. Unfortunately, the news is so old now that my comments are now irrelevant, but I have kept up to date with the issues and have often left little tidbits on my Twitter page.

First off, I would like to say that it is encouraging that the bloom has come off the Obamarose. People are slowly realizing that almost a year ago, 52% of the electorate voted for a guy who is clearly in over his head. The ObamaCare bill, now in its second incarnation, is still up for debate, Cap-n-Tax is stalled in the US Senate, and Iran is still playing Obama for a fool (Life is great, isn't it?). Republicans, who had been marginalized as a regional party in the minds of liberals, picked up two governorships, despite Obamessiah's reliance on his cult personality. Liberals would love to continue to spin those two elections as non-referenda on Obama's becoming the White House's Megan Fox, while championing a "pickup" in a New York district that hasn't seen a Democrat representative in 16 years. Oddly, the Republican and the conservative candidate, in that election, picked up more votes than the Democrat.

The idea was to show how candidates who ally with the Tea Party Movement will be on the losing end of any future elections. The same group that continues to portray legitimate criticism as "unpatriotic" claim that Doug Hoffman's loss in Tuesday's election was a referendum on Sarah Palin-style conservatism. Back here in the real world, the Sarah Palins, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Laura Ingrahams, et al, brought a virtual no one to within 4 percentage points of beating his Democratic contender. This is interpreted by many of the Beltway Republican types as a wakeup call to avoid choosing squishes like Scozzafava for future races. Of course liberals want the GOP to heed the advice of Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) because they want to advance their agenda. They understand that the RNC nominating moderate squishes is a guaranteed win for Democrats. I would call on the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC to stop taking advice from liberals.

What happened Tuesday is causing some conservative Democrats to become skiddish about supporting the wishes of San Fran Nan and Pinky Reid. The nutroots are demanding congressional Democrats shove their unpopular policies down the throats of the electorate, because somehow these moderate Democrats should have the assurance that the White House and the DNC will have their backs come this time next year. I say, a congresscritter has to answer to their constituent...not Tim Kaine and Barack Obama. Democrats can ignore the results of Tuesday at the peril of their congressional majorities, which is fine by me. The people have spoken, just as they have time and time again. We all remember what happened when the Republicans ignore the will of the people in 2006, right?! Democrats still herald that result, like Rahm Emmanuel did about governors races in 2005 (Damn that Spirit of Spin Past).

Meanwhile, the Toilet Paper goes back to the meme that all Tea Partiers are crazy nutjobs...apparently, the Tea Party's strategy is working, if they can get all this consternation from Toilet Paper...

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