05 November 2009

The return of Dr. Asten...

he was out, not down

There have been many a news item that transpired during my hiatus that I was itching to comment on. Unfortunately, the news is so old now that my comments are now irrelevant, but I have kept up to date with the issues and have often left little tidbits on my Twitter page.

First off, I would like to say that it is encouraging that the bloom has come off the Obamarose. People are slowly realizing that almost a year ago, 52% of the electorate voted for a guy who is clearly in over his head. The ObamaCare bill, now in its second incarnation, is still up for debate, Cap-n-Tax is stalled in the US Senate, and Iran is still playing Obama for a fool (Life is great, isn't it?). Republicans, who had been marginalized as a regional party in the minds of liberals, picked up two governorships, despite Obamessiah's reliance on his cult personality. Liberals would love to continue to spin those two elections as non-referenda on Obama's becoming the White House's Megan Fox, while championing a "pickup" in a New York district that hasn't seen a Democrat representative in 16 years. Oddly, the Republican and the conservative candidate, in that election, picked up more votes than the Democrat.

The idea was to show how candidates who ally with the Tea Party Movement will be on the losing end of any future elections. The same group that continues to portray legitimate criticism as "unpatriotic" claim that Doug Hoffman's loss in Tuesday's election was a referendum on Sarah Palin-style conservatism. Back here in the real world, the Sarah Palins, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Laura Ingrahams, et al, brought a virtual no one to within 4 percentage points of beating his Democratic contender. This is interpreted by many of the Beltway Republican types as a wakeup call to avoid choosing squishes like Scozzafava for future races. Of course liberals want the GOP to heed the advice of Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) because they want to advance their agenda. They understand that the RNC nominating moderate squishes is a guaranteed win for Democrats. I would call on the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC to stop taking advice from liberals.

What happened Tuesday is causing some conservative Democrats to become skiddish about supporting the wishes of San Fran Nan and Pinky Reid. The nutroots are demanding congressional Democrats shove their unpopular policies down the throats of the electorate, because somehow these moderate Democrats should have the assurance that the White House and the DNC will have their backs come this time next year. I say, a congresscritter has to answer to their constituent...not Tim Kaine and Barack Obama. Democrats can ignore the results of Tuesday at the peril of their congressional majorities, which is fine by me. The people have spoken, just as they have time and time again. We all remember what happened when the Republicans ignore the will of the people in 2006, right?! Democrats still herald that result, like Rahm Emmanuel did about governors races in 2005 (Damn that Spirit of Spin Past).

Meanwhile, the Toilet Paper goes back to the meme that all Tea Partiers are crazy nutjobs...apparently, the Tea Party's strategy is working, if they can get all this consternation from Toilet Paper...

Have a great day!

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