06 November 2009

Liberals: While the fire rages in the GOP, we'll light a few matches of our own...

...hopefully we won't burn ourselves up in the process...

Coming on the heels of liberals desire to continue being political ostriches, is the story that MoveOn.org is planning to primary Democratic moderates who don't care to return to the pot of ObamAid (Clutch the pearls!). The "Head Pat Media" wants the populace to focus on the non-existent "civil war" occurring in the GOP, while there's a bloodbath going on in the Democratic caucus. The idea that grassroots Republicans want conservatives to represent them seems problematic for the "Head Pat Media's" desire for a permanent Democratic majority.

My blogger friend, Zandar, decided to go after Allahpundit yesterday, claiming when Allah went after Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), he was wanting to purge the GOP of dissenting views. Allah, in agreement with Ace at AOSHQ, emphasizes there needs to be a bridge between conservatives and centrists. I challenge a liberal to find a conservative who believes there's no room in the conservative movement for people who are center-right, like yours truly (Hint: You won't find one...). If Zandar and other liberals' premise about the GOP is correct, will they be able to explain groups like GOPROUD and Log Cabin Republicans? Of course not, as that will disprove the assertion.

I don't mean to give campaign advice to Democrats, but if we keep hearing deluded commentary like this, then 2010 will definitely be a mess for the Democrats. If the idea to make the GOP more palatable to the electorate is to become more like Democrats, it would be foolhardy for Democrats to push their moderates to the GOP. Sure, liberals will trumpet the poll which shows party identification for the GOP at 20%, but that has more to do with the GOP forgetting their grassroots, instead of the GOP becoming extremists. It seems the elections this past Tuesday has caused a rightward shift in the GOP, to the consernation of many Dems (Even the delusional crowd who puzzingly see Democrats increasing their majorities next year...).

Right now, there is a blood bath in the Democratic party over ObamaCare. Moderate Democrats, the ones slated for the slaughter by MoveOn.org, are up in arms over the public option being used to cover abortions (Even though liberals insisted that the Hyde Amendment would prevent such coverage, but in truth, it limits that prohibition to MediCare) and the certainty that whatever bill the Pelosi/Reid/Obama cabal agree to, will blow up the deficit. Instead of realizing the real threats, Democrats and liberals would rather focus on the NY-23 win this past Tuesday, to bolster the stupid claim that the Republican party is suffering from a civil war...and boo hoo over Tom Price (R-GA) preventing a congresswoman from "speaking" (Something tells me that John Aravosis wasn't too concerned about Republicans being literally locked out of deliberations during an investigation into Countrywide Financial...).

Don't you just LOOOOVE selective outrage coming from liberals?!

National Review has a list of 55 nervous Democrats, but remember...the "Head Pat Media" wants you to think it's only the GOP that has problems with moderates, when it's the moderates who have a problem with the conservatives...not the other way 'round. Democrats celebrated Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic Party in March, while the rest of us felt he just made it official, as he had been courting Democrats for years.

Have a great weekend!

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