06 May 2009

Welcome to the world of Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean!

...hope you enjoy your stay...

Seeing how opponents of "gay rights" are demonized by "gay rights" groups for espousing an opinion that isn't approved by the gay lobby makes me understand why many, who would otherwise support us in our quest for equality, are slow to support it. I have stayed out of the Carrie Prejean-Perez Hilton fracas for good reason, because I figured that Perez Hilton would act as people like him always do, and act irresponsibly. Of course I was right, and Perez Hilton decided to act like a two year old child by calling her all sorts of names claiming that she hates gays. I, as a gay male, would be hard pressed to believe that every person who opposes homosexuality hates gays. They espouse an opinion just as I do, when I say that Obama's leading us on a road to hell.

Clearly, Perez and all those who are now claiming to be "shock and awed" by Carrie's stance on "gay" marriage were unaware that the state does have about one or two conservatives in its populace. Like Governor Palin, they figured a beauty like Prejean couldn't possibly hold any other view than liberalism, until she spoke. Once her opposition left her lips, the onslaught of any group claiming to be outraged focused their sights on Miss California. In the latest episode, nude photos of Carrie appeared on a website, TheDirty.com. Immediately, the anti-Prejean crowd found something to lessen the legitimacy of Prejean. The release of the photos were intended to strip Prejean of her title as Miss California and to proclaim once and for all that Prejean is a sinner, just like the rest of us...not that she claimed otherwise in the first place.

The pageant director for the Miss California contest is mulling whether to strip Prejean of her title, which, in my view, is wrong. She gave her opinion on a controversial issue and if the Miss California contest, or the Miss USA contest, for that matter, were any thing worth their salt, they'd applaud Carrie for sticking to her guns by expressing an opinion that wasn't approved by the self-proclaimed "Queen of all media." Trying to claim that it's not her opinion that gives them the vapors, the directors are claiming that Prejean violated the contract by posing nude when she was a teenage model and for working with a group that's opposed to "gay" marriage (...there's a word that escapes me...ah yes, I remember it now...BULLSHIT!)

The pageant directors are playing damage control, because I bet my salary that if Carrie Prejean said she supports "gay" marriage and a conservative group released the same information, the directors of the Miss California contest would definitely see it for what it is in this case...an attack. They'd stick by Prejean, no matter what the cost. Just as many in the Right has stuck by Governor Sarah Palin, while many liberals tried their damndest to find anything criminal or that would take the shine off her stellar record. The Right should stick by Carrie Prejean, as it seems they will, despite attempts by the anti-Christian, anti-conservative faction of the Left.

Once the Left does a little introspection on why their initiatives continue to fail, they will realize they are doing the most damage to their movement...not the Right. Stick to your guns, Carrie...it's not over yet, not by a long shot!

I should say, though I find the though preposterous, that my support of Carrie Prejean's opinion does not mean that I am against equality for gays. She, like all Amuricans, has a right to an opinion...I'm merely following in Voltaire's footsteps

Have a great day...

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