13 May 2009

Here's an example the gay Left should follow...

...instead of focusing on non-existent examples of homophobia...

One of the biggest arguments I had against groups like Amnesty International and the Internation Red Cross, was their ignorance of the rampant human rights atrocities in third world countries, while setting the sights of their biggest guns on the United States. They turned a blind eye to Saddam's rape and torture rooms, the starvation of his people, and the mass graves. They ignored Hugo Chavez's powergrabs in Venezuela and how in Cuba, many of the political dissidents are black. It was top news when a terror suspect claimed that he got cow's milk instead of goat milk at GITMO, or how US soldiers flushed a Koran down a toilet, without noting the difficulty in flushing books down toilets. The same goes for "gay rights groups," who claim to be fighting for equality for the GLB"t" movement, but only parrot Democratic talking points (that's why I always place gay rights groups in quotes, since they don't fight for equality, they fight for relevance).

For the gay Left, the chief issue was Miss California's opposition to "gay" marriage. It was the passing of Proposition 8 on Election Day 2008, and the demonization of its supporters. The gay Left wants people to believe that social conservatives are anti-gay across the board, because the gay Left doesn't take it upon itself to use democratic means to pass their initiatives. They choose to honor flunkies like Keith Olbermann, who issued a Speshul Komint after the passage of Prop 8, and hasn't touched gay issues since. They choose to honor President Hopey McChangerson, oddly, while demonizing Carrie Prejean, because he says he wants to repeal "don't ask, don't tell (don't pursue)," even though they feel the same about "gay marriage." There are bigger issues in the world affecting gays that overshadow whether Jerry Falwell felt "Tinky Winky's" purse made him gay.

Some may argue that the reason national "gay rights" organizations remain mum on the tragedy that affects gays worldwide is because their scope is on what occurs within the US border. Well, I would argue that many of the representatives of these groups have commented on issues outside the realm of "gay rights," like Human Rights Campaign president, Joe Solmonese, who in every interview or article he was involved in, always brought up Iraq, WMD, Bush/Cheney and tied it to some sort of gay mantra of the day. HRC.org has a section on international rights and immigration. So it is a fallacy that "gay rights" groups should remain mum on the plight of GLB"t" members worldwide. Furthermore, especially in Iraq, where our taxes are being used to stabilize their government, all of us should be more vocal in opposing the wanton slaughter of GLB"t" people there, as well as any nation we donate monies to.

People demonize President Reagan for allowing AIDS to spread without government intervention, which is not necessarily a fair call, since no one knew what to make of the AIDS virus other than the fact it was affecting a small number of people. In the movie, Milk, it brings up one of the final fights Harvey Milk was involved in, the Briggs Initiative, which would have fired all gay and lesbian teachers and banned them from teaching in California public schools. Based on the movie, one would think that Milk single-handedly defeated this discriminatory piece of legislation...but it was the man, that lefties thought invented the AIDS virus, who turned public opinion against the proposition. The Briggs Initiative, also known as Prop 6, lost by a million votes. Gays and lesbians, who knew discrimination, remembered the Gipper and I'd say carried him over the top in the Election of 1980. The new "champion" of "gay rights," President Barack Obama did exactly what Bill Clinton did and determined his morality by sticking his finger in the political winds to make his determination.

We all should be outraged that nations are sanctioning the deaths of anyone on our dime. I'm willing to bet that if you were to tell a conservative, or anyone else who voted for Prop 8, that this shit was going on in the world and we're paying for it, I'd believe that Nuri al-Maliki would have much more of a problem on his hands. Instead of listening how conservatives are anti-gay, despite the fact that gays earn much more than a comparable straight couple and we are very liberal in how gays are treated, members of the gay Left should focus their outrage on true occurrences of homophobia instead of dreaming them up.

Have a great day...

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