23 May 2009

"This is so innovative..." cries the Obamacolytes...

...but the only thing that makes it 'innovative' is the packaging...

I used to say that Senator Joe Biden was one of those Democrats who occassionally talked some sense, well until he wisecracked about 7-11s and Indian accents and other inanities that were exposed to force people to think twice about it. Upon taking the Vice Presidency, Biden has shown that his thinking is along the lines of former US Senator, Mike Gravel (D-AK). Even the president is rumored to have privately rebuked the Veep for his diarrhea of the mouth. He has recently disclosed the location of former Vice President Richard Cheney's "secret bunker" to the press corps at the Gridiron Dinner and has in effect confirmed exactly what Dick Cheney said about Obamessiah's eagerness to close GITMO without proper planning.

It seems when faced with making tough choices, Democrats would rather take the easy way out...or continue to shift blame to their political opponents. US Congressman Robert Bishop (R-UT) offered a proposal on the floor, which would establish a bipartisan committee to investigate the allegations Speaker Pelosi made against the CIA. One would think that this being the talking point of the Left, it would be supported by both parties. After all, it is a federal crime to lie to Congress. The proposal failed 252-172, with Ron Paul (R-TX) and Walter Jones (R-NC), joining 250 Democrats who voted against it. Seeing that she won this little skirmish, Mimi plans to stand by her story and is no longer willing to discuss it. I suppose she, like the others who voted against this proposal, thought that it was some dirty Republican trick...I see it as putting one's money where their mouth is.

One of the most prevalent strawmen that's used by liberals is the notion that all of us on the Right are now condemning Obama for ideas we supported under President Bush. I call this the ultimate non-sequitur, but I'll only speak for myself. I have pointed out the Left's hypocrisy on national security measures. It is they who opposed every initiative enacted by the Bush Administration to fight terrorism, but found new love for it somewhere around 20 January 2009. I'm sure we all remember when Jose Padilla was arrested in 2002, without being charged, he became the cause célèbre for liberals who thought the Bushites were "shredding the US Constitution." He would be held without charge until 2005 when the Bush Justice Department finally charged him, after pressure from civil liberties groups. The detainees at GITMO, liberals argued, should be afforded rights and privileges granted by the US Constitution and the Geneva Convention...even though they, surprisingly would not afford the same to former Bush Administration officials. Conservatives argued that since these detainees were not members of state-sponsored groups, they should not be given rights and privileges they had not earned, which was consistent with wars that had been fought since the beginning of time.

President Obama, while chiding that GITMO, rendition, and waterboarding, were departures from our Amurican values, is mulling an idea that possibly exceeds anything that the Bushites had considered. He plans to "lock terrorists up forever without trial," which according to Ace, is a semantical difference from the position of the Bushites, but Karl Rove is opining, according to Ace, that it goes over and above the plans of BushCo. Even Rachel Maddow, and a few of her liberal counterparts, is feeling a bit queasy about Obamessiah's new-ish idea.

I watched Minority Report and I felt that the Department of Precrime was unconstitutional, because I believe the difference here is that the Department of Precrime went after US citizens, and is a violation of the Sixth Amendment, while Obamessiah's "preventative detention" is unprecedented in US History, going after people who potentially have no ties to terrorism. Perhaps the president is throwing this "red meat" to his righty critics, who believe that he's just a big ol' softie on national security. There is evidence that Cheney's critiques of Obamessiah's national security policy are having just the opposite effect many liberals once thought. Furthermore, "The One" is also seeing a shift in the electorate in regards to GITMO and it's not one that he anticipated a mere six months ago (I guess if I were in his shoes, I'd watch ESPN also...).

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