14 May 2009

A true Not In Our Name cause...

...not one mired in opposition to going after murderous regimes around the world...

This is not another blog about Operation Iraqi Freedom, rather another one on the issue that I blogged about yesterday. I was angry that my hard earned money was being used to sanction blatant human rights abuses. I shouldn't be upset at liberals, who'd gripe and moan about a detainee being told that a caterpillar is a stinging object or having water splashed in a detainee's face, for either turning a blind eye to this or in a rare case, not knowing the full extent of the abuses going on in Iraq or Iran in regards to gays. Selective outrage has always bothered me, especially how liberals behaved when the photos of Abu Ghraib were released and holding forums on whether this type of behavior is inherent or pounded into the minds of those serving in the US Military, but negating or downplaying true human rights abuses such as the tactics used when police patrols "punish" their gay citizens.

Liberals believe the US is always in the aftermath of the US Civil War, when blacks were slowly gaining their freedoms and adjusting to their new lives as freedmen. They want to perpetuate the ridiculous notion that minorities must always sleep with one eye opened, because they never know when Randy Redneck and his ragtag bunch will make an appearance at their doorstep. The US is very cordial to minorities, regardless of what Joe Solmonese or Neil Giuliano, the president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), says. As I said yesterday, former President Reagan is demonized by the gay Left because of his ignorance and theirs, to some extent, of the rise of the AIDS virus, but he sacrificed alienation of social conservatives to oppose the 1978 Briggs Initiative, which was blatant discrimination. He did more for gays than both of his Democratic successors, but Bill Clinton gets the credit, even though he was concerned more about his political future instead of repealing the ban on gays serving openly in the US Military. And as for Obambi, he holds the same position on "gay" marriage that former President Bush, former Vice President Al Gore, Senator John F'n Kerry, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was John McCain who had a gay staffer on his campaign...Barry-O did not. That is why I believe it is better for minority cultures to align themselves with conservatism, since it does not focus on labels.

After I published my blog yesterday, I decided that I had to do something about it. I decided that I needed to make more in government aware of the situation. A spokesman for the US State Department claimed that they were aware of the holocaust enacted against GLB"t" members in Iraq, but couldn't determine whether their murders were solely due to their orientation. This is another problem that I have with liberals, and their attitudes towards Christians, who oppose "gay" marriage and other gay initiatives. It is not Christians, Buddhists, Jews, or New Agers that advocate violence against gays. In Islam, to be gay, or suspected to be homosexual, is a capital offense. The Iraqi Interior Ministry raids parties, hunt them online using fake IP addresses, and take gay suspects off the streets. Though this is Obamessiah's problem now, he doesn't deserve total blame.

In 2006, al-Sistani issued a fatwa calling for the extermination of gays, and though there was an outcry surrounding the fatwa, former President Bush should have done more to stop this pogrom. We broke it, we fix it and we, as US taxpayers have a say in how Iraq conducts its business. Again, former President Reagan taught us a lesson. When the chips were down, he stood up for those who disagreed with him. The Russians felt that he was a pushover, like Carter and many of his predecessors, but when he flat out called the USSR an "Evil Empire," and enacted the Strategic Defense Initiative, to combat the Russian arms buildup, they knew he wasn't one to joke. I doubt one instant that Reagan would have allowed such atrocities to occur had he been at the helm and this shit would have stopped as soon as he learned about it.

I am going to include contact information for Congress, the US State Department, and the White House at the bottom of this blog, because this issue needs to be addressed. The only ones reporting on this are blogs, the BBC, and a few television programs in San Francisco. Kudos to the Los Angeles City Council on passing a resolution condemning this violence against the GLB"t" community in Iraq, but more must be done. Democrats were hellbent, in 2006 and 2007, on tying war funding to arbitrary withdrawal timelines. They should be just as hellbent on tying war funding on the insistence and the cessation of the Iraqi pogrom against its gay community.

Have a great day...

And now as promised, contact info

US Department of State: Click here

Congress: Click here

The White House: Click here

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