21 May 2009

"The dog ate my homework..."

...is one of the excuses my teachers never accepted, why should we?

Liberals have an explanation for all their gaffes or other shortcomings. To explain the increase in the deficit, liberals blame former President Bush for forcing Obama to stick it to future generations. In the event that Obama's spending spree does nothing besides increase the deficit, liberals will state that four years wasn't enough time to undo eight years worth of spending...except that according to the Congressional Budget Office, the deficit had decreased sharply in 2004, and was well on its way of being under control until the financial sector collapsed last September. Sure, Obama "inherited" the economic problems that he helped cause by not standing up for fiscal conservatism, but here we are 4 months and a day into his administration and we hear the same theme ad nauseaum...that it's Bush's fault.

The same goes for his ideas on prosecuting the "conflict on man-made disasters." In an interview with Jon Meacham in the May 25th issue of Newsweek, the president expresses his unhappiness with being faced with closing GITMO and what to do with the detainees who reside there. He says that for some of the detainees, the fact that they've been held there in "legal limbo" for almost six years may cause them to channel their inner anti-US sentiment. He, in effect, again blames former President Bush for making him clean up the "mess," when it was he [President Obama] who started the mess in the first place, by signing an executive order without crafting a plan to house the detainees upon the closing of GITMO (need I remind the POTUS that the Senate wasn't too fond of this lapse in intelligence either...). Liberals want me to believe this guy's smarter than Bushitler?

Meacham asked the president about former Vice President Cheney's ongoing criticisms, and without missing a beat, Obama said that the methods proposed by Cheney were common practice in the first part of the Bush Years, but within the last two or three, Cheney's influence in the administration dwindled. He found it kinda odd that Cheney would try to relitigate the last eight years, when the argument has been settled. Either the president thinks the rest of us are stupid or he is just that plain...I won't say it. If Cheney's words had no merit, then why would the president, as DrewM. notes, schedule a major speech in an attempt to rebut Cheney's claims? I wholeheartedly agree with the attempts the Bushites made to keep us safe after 9/11, and the reason Obama can say denigrate the Bush Years so casually is a result of those procedures enacted by his predecessor. It beats scaring the shit out of Manhattan with a reenactment of such a tragic day in US History.

While the president talks about GITMO being a blemish on the record of the US's "conflict on man-made disasters," he, like others on the Left show their ignorance about why GITMO was opened. It was not designed to be a jail for potential criminals. It was designed to house detainees who may have held much needed intel for our forces on the battlefield. The fact that 3 detainees being convicted is not an indicator of its success, after all, look at the US Judicial System, which favors crooks over the innocent. I mentioned earlier about the US Senate's rejection of funds to close GITMO by Obama's self-imposed deadline of January 2010. It seems that many Congress' constituents are none-to-pleased about the idea of housing potential terrorists in their neighborhoods...something that caused Charlie Gibson and Rachel Maddow to feel a rumbly in their tumblies.

Maddow wants the Democrats to spend their "political capital" by betting the farm on voting to fund Obama's closure of GITMO, despite the fact that FBI Director Robert Muller and former State Department officials expressed how difficult it would be for states to house terror suspects. Not to mention, that because these terror suspects are on US soil, they would be afforded US Constitutional protections that they do not deserve. Obama, and his friends, believe that our federal courts are capable of trying and convicting terror suspects, and they point to Ramzi Yousef and Zacarias Moussaoui as proof, without noting that if the other residents of GITMO are housed in the US, it could be a breeding ground for more terrorists. It may be true that GITMO is a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda, but I believe that housing detainees at GITMO is better for our national security in the long run. Besides, has anyone of the non-NIMBY crowd considered the recidivism rate among prisoners lately?

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