04 May 2009

Need another reason to bounce a few incumbents?

...San Fran Gran Nan gives us plenty!

One part of me supports a piece of the Republican platform that calls for term limits. All too often, our political leaders believe that since the electorate makes them incumbents every election cycle, that they are entitled to the job. Some, even channel their inner celebrity, and say some of the most dumbest things, that would make the Dixie Chicks blush. Take for instance, political lightweight, US Senator Arlen Specter (?-PA), who used the death of former congressman and Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Jack Kemp, to fallaciously claim that had the GOP-led Congress spent more money on former President Nixon's "War on Cancer," Jack Kemp would still be alive. It's no wonder this man can't get within 20 percentage points of Pat Toomey...

Speaker Mimi, who is increasingly becoming uncomfortable with her and other Democrats' bouts with corruption, has taken the privilege given lawmakers that they be immune from arrest while Congress is in session, to a whole new level. The privilege was granted to congressmen because England's King Charles I would round up members of Parliament because they did not agree with his policies. It caused massive disruption in the government and the Founders felt that adding this provision would limit the amount of disruption...especially if the arrest was politically motivated. The provision, however, should not be used to justify wrongdoing by any member of Congress, or prevention of administering punishment.

I agree with William Teach's premise, but take issue with how the media would have acted, if former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) were still in charge. While San Fran Nan was calling on former congressman, William Jefferson, to resign from Congress, it was the Speaker who bent over backwards to protect Jefferson, claiming that the Justice Department had violated the "separation of powers" clause in the Constitution. The Congressional Black Caucus leapt to Jefferson's defense bemoaning his treatment as "racist." The media did not cry "conspiracy" against Hastert for circling the wagons around Jefferson. I should note, however, that San Fran Nan did later assist Hastert in circling the wagons around Jefferson...among others.

Democrats had been so concerned about Republican corruption, they ignored it within their own ranks. While former Congressman Mark Foley was being investigated for sending eerie emails to congressional pages, another congressman, Jack Murtha, was facing cries of corruption surrounding some of his campaign donations and ABSCAM (now, he's facing some fresh and new type of corruption). Alan Mollohan (D-WV) was under investigation for ethics charges surrounding earmarking funds for his personal benefit. While Democrats were crying about a congressman, who had been convicted in 2005 for a litany of crimes, and another, who had been convicted of making false statements and conspiracy, they ignored a congressman who is being investigated by authorities for failure to pay taxes, report rental income, living in rent-subsidized apartments, and using congressional stationery to solicit campaign donations. In fact, San Fran Nan has worked hard to protect Charles Rangel...while claiming to "drain the swamp" and crying about former President Bush thinking he was above the law, when they only had different interpretations of the law.

I expect the media and the blue blogs to remain mum on this, since in their view, the goal is to continue to portray the Right as the only group of corrupt individuals in government. This is explained by their continued kid glove treatment of the president and other high members of his administration and in Congress. When news about a corrupt Democrat or liberal comes to light, it's usually in passing, or used in an attempt to draw moral equivalency...like no-bid contracts.

Time to throw the bums out!

Have a great day...

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