07 May 2009

How to become a darling of the Left one minute...

...to the scourge of society in the next...

I'm sorry if I must continue to repeat the same concept ad nauseum. It was evident throughout the campaign and yet, 53% of the nation either didn't understand what was at stake, or they lied to cover up any facts that took the glow off Obamessiah. There were several opportunities available for people to see that if the Obamessiah is faced with a difficult choice, he often blames someone for setting him up or he uses the power of the White House to shut down his opponents. I remember another president who committed similar actions when the kitchen got too hot for him. The Left, who is always in a fervent need of smelling salts, bitched and moaned when they felt that former President Bush was using the power of the White House to shut down the opposition, which was often amusing coming from the likes of the Hollywood crowd crying about the lack of free speech while spitting in front of cameras. Now that evidence is coming out that the president strongarmed his way as super-CEO of the auto industry, the Obamessiah disciples aren't coming down on Obama...they're coming down on the reporters who are exposing Obama's coming thugocracy and claiming that playing a little hardball is no big deal.

No one has a problem with the president using the "bully pulpit" to rally the electorate to support his cause. If he's doggedly in support or opposition to a policy, he should get behind the blue goose (the unofficial name of the president's podium) and say so. On the other hand, the president does not have the right to threaten a company's reputation which opposes his "swindle us" plan. Of course the president talked about listening to dissenting views, making those who voted for him believe that he was going to be a change from what they were told about the Bush Years. More details are emerging that this is clearly not the case, and these details aren't all coming from his political adversaries...they're from donors to his presidential campaign. The president had acted as though his political career started with the backing of the corrupt Chicago political machine, his administration would rise above that...but I guess that proverb holds true. You can take the man out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the man. I suppose liberals will blame this on the eeevil Karl Rove.

A blogger at Think Progress believes that just because Tom Lauria decided to clam up about his allegations surrounding super-CEO Obama's strong arming, that the whole story was made up of whole cloth. Unfortunately, this is not the same as Memogate, where Dan Rather used forged documents to make the claim that a president who allegedly shirked his duties with the Alabama National Guard, should not have the authority to command US forces. Details are emerging that this is going to be a running theme in the Obama Administration. Porkulus was the snake oil that was used by Obama to convince governors that he had the interest of the economy in mind, but as Michael Barone's latest post illustrates, these moves by Obama is bringing the gangster lifestyle we see in movies to life (well, he didn't actually say that, I just summarized).

Another episode of Obama's "Gangster Government" is his threat towards California, a state on the verge of economic ruin, if they do not rescind $74M in cuts wages for unionized healthcare workers. The $2/hr pay cuts aren't disasterous, and according to Ed Morrissey, instead of allowing the state to create its own compensation plan, the largest contributor to Barry-O's presidential campaign, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) appealed directly to the president, who is apparently good at strong-arming, to threaten the state with economic ruin if the state doesn't comply (reason #145 why I despise unions...). Could you imagine the outrage had this been President Bush's doing? The Left was apopletic with what they thought was a move by the Bush Justice Department in selectively prosecuting Democrats...and now they're silent, as they were with the Census powergrab, when the evidence is staring them right in the face.

No need to think the nation's on the verge of collapse, we have at least two opportunities to bring a halt to this nightmare...2010 and 2012, let's hope we take it!

Have a great day...

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