15 May 2009

I see the handwriting on the wall...

...somebody tell San Fran Nan what it says...

San Fran Nan is getting nervous. It seems that when all the Obamedia was applauding her election as the first female, Italian-American Speaker of the House, they ignored her claims that she'd preside over the most ethical Congress in US History. The rest of us who were sober, knew this for the lie it was and didn't pay too much attention to her photo op of children in the Speaker's rostrum. Dems had promised to bring an end to "Bush's War in Iraq," bring down the price of gasoline, and launch a litany of investigations into criminal behavior engaged in by the Bushites. Democrats always claim to be smarter than I, so I shouldn't have to tell them that they must be careful for what they wish for...they just might get it.

Like Obama's campaign promises, Anita Hill's lies about US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and whether Keith Olbermann is still in love with Laura Ingraham, Speaker Mimi's stories about Bush's CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques change like the seasons. I always have a problem with people who claim well after the fact that some egregious behavior had occurred and at the time, they were to chickenshit to acknowledge it. Like Anita Hill's allegations against Clarence Thomas, the Speaker is losing credibility. One can argue that she's taking her cues from Obamessiah, who's still parroting the line that he's inherited this mess from former President Bush...when he's been a member of Congress since 2004. When a Democrat's in trouble, blame Bush...the man's been out of office for over 100 days and he still can't get a break from Democrats.

You shouldn't be surprised at the new line from liberals, who are clearly feeling threatened by the news that rebuts Speaker Mimi's selective memory. One, Bob Graham, former Democratic senator from Florida, is now claiming that the CIA is making stuff up from whole cloth. Seems to me the CIA is now becoming Dick Cheney, since they want him to shut up as well. An article from the Washington Post makes the point that Speaker Pelosi would not have held press conferences if she felt that she was losing political altitude. Even her no. 2, Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the House Majority Leader, isn't quick to back up her lies claims. Don't tell that to the Kossacks, who believe that just because former Senator Bob Graham kept a diary of every time he went to the john, his lack of recollection of the briefings should be taken at face value (remember when liberals didn't trust anything government officials, current or former, said?). I notice nothing was said about Obamessiah's denial of Cheney's request to release all of the "torture memos"...hmm, what does that mean?

Even former Olbermann lacky, Dana Milbank, noted how the Speaker reacted when the media sought to ask her questions about her inconsistent statements about the CIA briefings, which was overlooked by the Kossacks, and their friends at Media Matters, who are mostly upset that Pelosi is under more scrutiny than the CIA is...but I'd argue that the CIA's story has been consistent, whereas Pelosi's has not. Then again, shouldn't Democrats be skiddish about tussling with the CIA? Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson had to learn the hard way...you don't even hear from their discredited asses anymore (on a sidenote, one liberal argues that this criticism is being directed at Granny Pelosi because she's a the most powerful woman in the country...how ridiculous!).

The question remains is will this finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back and force yet another incompetent Democratic House Speaker from office? I'm willing to bet that Steny Hoyer is quietly saying "yeah Mimi, you are getting just what you deserve for backing a corrupt politician, like John "Abscam" Murtha over me for Majority leader..."

Think we'll have a "truth commission" now? I think not...

Have a great day!

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