12 May 2009

The most detrimental is always under the radar...

...and before you know it, it's too late to stop it...

I haven't heard too much about immigration lately. I believe the Democratic controlled Congress is attempting to secure its majority by staying away from this radioactive issue at least until the second session of the 111th Congress. The open borders crowd, who are self-described "citizens of the world," to explain their love for insisting on open borders, will kick into high gear now that the president has promised another round of shamnesty for illegal immigrants. I believe the electorate is prepared to jam the phone lines, I believe the "loud folks" will express their outrage at the idea of lawbreakers possibly earning a right that is cherished throughout the lands, by merely paying a fine that they have saved up under their mattresses.

According to the official White House website, President Obama is no different than former President Bush on this issue. Like President Bush, Obama sees the immigration system as dysfunctional and in dire need of reform. The idea is our current system breaks up loving families and drives people in the shadows. Ironically, none of this anger is directed at the illegal immigrant who willfully chose to violate our sovereignty, thereby putting their families at risk. Like the Great Amnesty of 1986, the DREAM Act, and the Great Immigration Debate of 2006, Obama is attempting to pass this under the guise of "strengthening the border." President Bush signed legislation that would build more of the double border fence along Mexico and in 2008, only 14 miles had been completed. So tell me, is Obama going to convince me that he's now concerned about border enforcement, unlike Presidents Reagan and Bush? Hell nah!

Based on Senator Obama's voting record, he supports the "comprehensive immigration reform" bills that passed the US Senate. Though he supported the Secure Fence Act in 2006, he had stated that he would not support such legislation if it did not contain an "legalization" provision. He supported what amounted to an extension of the 1931 Davis-Bacon "prevailing wages" law, which forces government construction contractors to pay its employees a prevailing wage, to guest workers...or in this case, mostly illegal immigrants, not only on federal construction jobs, but in jobs across the board. His amendment was criticized because these protections would not extend to Amurican workers. Coupled with his plan to release soon-to-be former GITMO detainees into mainland US, I don't think for one minute that Obama is as serious about securing the border as he claims.

I shouldn't have to keep repeating this, but I must...I do not oppose immigration. Legal immigrants contribute much to society, and our nation was built on immigrants' contributions. I don't mind eating a gordita, a chalupa, enchilada, or jerk chicken. Immigration should be applauded because all of us can learn somethign from the next guy about culture, but not at the expense of relinquishing Amurican sovereignty, our values, and our laws.

Have a great day...

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