08 April 2009

You knew it was going to happen...

...that liberals would blame conservatives for killing cops...

An ongoing theme by liberals, in their ongoing campaign to "prove" how crazy right-wingers are, is to claim that their brainwashed by some "higher" power to commit crimes against humanity. We've heard it all before, how a person, who happened to say "I am..." followed by "Republican" or gives off evidence that they had a Republican thought, and commits a crime, is indicative of conservatives and Republicans nationwide. In more extreme cases, liberals will use a tragedy for political gain...more often than a typical conservative would.

Recently, three Pittsburg policemen were gunned down by a follower of a neo-Nazi group, Alex Jones. I know of no mainstream conservative who embraces Nazism, no matter how many times a liberal wants to tie us to left-wing ideology. Since many believe that national socialism is right-wing, the group Stormfront is being heralded as "far-right." Liberals are now using this familiar play from their playbook to claim that Andrew Poplawski was influenced by Stormfront to kill cops, much like "Freeper" Chad Castanaga was influenced by Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham to send white powder to Keith Olbermann. One of the two Democratic gods, Markos Moulitsas recently tweeted that conservatives applaud the idea of "revolution and killing cops," which is a sharp turn from the prevailing view held by liberals in regards to police pigs.

Liberals often champion cop killers, like Mumia Abu Jamal, the late Stanley "Tookie" Williams, and Lovelle Mixon, who killed a few pigs of her own in Oakland just five days prior to the Pittsburg incident. They often encourage violence against police and in most cases, fight harder for the perp, and ignore actions that provoke police, than the government that must prosecute him (Sean Bell). It's nice to see that liberals are now fighting for cops, but is their support for them akin to their support for the US Military? Methinks so. Just a thought, could we take the same attitude the Left uses against the Right in cases similar to this, like a HuffnPuff, which is hardly a bastion of conservative intellect, blogger that stabbed her roommate 222 times with a screwdriver?

At the same time, prominent personalities on the Right should refrain from engaging in over-the-top rhetoric about President Obama. It feeds into the lies that liberals love to use against conservatives, that they love to whine and use violence when they don't get their way. I can hardly stand ten minutes of Glenn Beck, because his shows always delve into some sort of conspiracy theories about Obama or San Fran Gran Nan's latest bouts with Botox, some of which are unfounded. The Right has enough to be blamed without inviting anymore unnecessary trouble.

We're even being blamed for gay men being killed in Sadr City...how nice!

Have a great day...

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