14 April 2009

Fighting for constitutional rights is now a "fringe" movement...

...when only three years ago, it was essential to our democracy...

If you haven't heard by now, several citizens are gathering around the nation to protest Barry-O's never ending spending sprees. They're called "tea parties," much like the colonists' revolution surrounding the Tea Act. Lefties, who thought that hanging effigies of former President Bush and various other members of the Bush Administration, and called it exercising their constitutional rights of dissent, are now showing faux outrage at conservatives who are protesting the Obambi, by calling them "fringe rightwingers" or "members of the far-right." In my view, unlike anti-war protesters, who were rooting for our defeat in the Global War on Terror, conservatives who are gathering to protest Opromptah's growing deficits are more concerned about their, and others' economic well-being. The "tea baggers," as members of the Left call them, are not rooting for the man to fail, but see his policies as disatrous.

Lefties foamed at the mouth when they thought they found proof that Bushitler had politicized the government to only target Democrats and liberals, but are silent when our very own Department of Homeland Security has a page dedicated to the rise of "white militias" as a result of the election of Barry-O, among other things, as if "white militias" ceased to exist during Republican presidential administrations. Lefties would have us believe that the report was timed to coincide with the Tea Parties, but David Neiwert never mentions the sweeping words the DHS report uses to paint conservatives in cahoots with people like Poplawski and Castanaga. The DHS report indicting conservatives for having dissenting views from Obamessiah and his acolytes, uses shoddy research and uses other information that debunks its main points. I also notice how Mr. Neiwert hasn't noticed how fringe lefties are becoming more of a threat than a few Poplawskis. These things appear to be more of the same theme coming out of the Obama Administration...shifting focus away from his never-ending gaffes and other sorts of embarrassments, like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. h/t: John Hinderaker and McQ

April 15th is Tax Day, and many are marking the occasion by attending several "Tea Parties" around the nation. Try as Obamessiah might, he can not avoid raising taxes on the middle class for long, which hopefully will cause great damage to his reelection campaign. The fact is, Obama's hatred for the "rich" is not a prudent way to cut down the deficit, and the bill is coming on Porkulus and those of us in the middle class will have to foot the bill...I notice none of the rich liberals are willing to pay their fair share, as they'll continue to be protected by the tax shelters they all seek. To be sure, some leftwing criticism of these Tea Parties is valid, in that they don't seem to be too organized...but wait! The Left also had to start somewhere, right?

When they aren't tirelessly using the "tea bagging" pun, lefties are assuming, based on their stereotypes about conservatives, that we have to be led into protesting because either Zombie Reagan, the leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, or his deputy, KKKarl Rove told us we must. People like Paul Krugman of the New York Times and a litany of Kossacks have bent over backwards to lessen the legitimacy of actual protest, instead of cheering for the failure of the nation. The fact that many media outlets have chosen to place an embargo on actual protests should invoke outrage amongst us all (sane people that is...).

Maybe we can show the Left what actual protesting for legitimate causes looks like...

Have a great day!

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