07 April 2009

When he talks, it sounds as if it's profound...

...it's what he doesn't say that's problematic...

Dr. Asten firmly believes that not only are there Obama disciples in the United States, but there are people overseas whose eyes glaze over in his presence. Recently, the president took an overseas trip, where he told Muslims that the US is not at war with Islam, which was described as a sharp turn from the horrendous eight year blame game by the Bushites. Except that, for eight years, former President Bush made clear that his intention was not to war with Muslims, but to go after the terrorists who were bastardizing Islam's central tenets.

This weekend was interrupted by North Korea's missile launch, which defied UN Security Council resolutions. President Obama seeks to avoid being seen as "weak on national security" by refusing to talk about how this launch threatens those citizens on the US western coast and, possibly, further inland. By looking the other way, he is exacerbating the problem, which is what both of his predecessors did in regards to terrorism. He believes in this crazy notion that since talking tough didn't cause the North Koreans to cease and desist, that it is the West's fault and they must talk tougher next time (that's working out so well in regards to Iran...ain't it?). Even the weak-assed UN Security Council couldn't shake their irrelevance, since they refused to issue a condemnation of the attacks (had this been Israel or the US, you better believe they'd have stayed assembled til they did).

Some members of the Obamedia are willing to go to any length to "protect" him, which is another sharp turn from the rhetoric we heard from them for the past eight years. On Mess-NBC's [Softball] with Chris Matthews, guest-host David Shuster compared conservatives who oppose Obama's policies to the walking corpse and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il. It's as if Obamessiah can make no mistakes, no matter how much hand-wringing he does with every crisis he faces. He's hand-wringing the economic situation and threats to our security, but he can sure create a mean NCAA Road to the Final Four bracket.

I know its tiring to continue to compare former President Bush to President Obama, but the comparison must be made and filed away to remind left-wingers that for all the hell directed at Bush, by them, their loverboy is truly a sharp turn from him...but in the wrong direction. Other nations are seeing Obama as an empty suit and a weak-minded individual, that fact hasn't dawned on Obama's many adoring and misguided fans. His foreign policy scorecard thus far represents an epic fail.

Ladies and gents...John Bolton!

Have a great day...

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