20 April 2009

Such hate, such contempt...

...seems to be the hallmark of liberals who claim to tolerate dissenting views...

I started rereading Ann Coulter's Guilty, and her descriptions of liberals' desire to play perpetual victim is merely a ruse designed to shut down debate and dismiss other's opinions as either ill-informed or just plain evil. She talks about how if a liberal "opinion" is popular, the electorate will know it, whereas if a conservative opinion is popular, liberals will think the results have been tainted or that the opinion is "not unanimous." As I said in another blogpost, we heard over and over how popular the anti-war sentiment was during the last five years of the Bushites' fascist regime, no matter how small the crowds were, but one blogger refers to a half-million anti-Porkulus protesters as "tepid."

Perhaps there is some reason to doubt the sincerity of the Tea Parties because of the sparse criticism former President Bush and the Republican-led Congress received from the Right. Apparently liberals are unaware of the fact that movements take several years to find cohesion, after all, MoveOn.org wasn't a mega-million Church of Liberalism overnight, after they wanted us to "move on" from the Clinton impeachment. It seems that since the liberal wing of the Republicans in Congress were not on board with the more conservative members, that their criticisms were irrelevant. Or that because a few conservative bloggers were lone voices in the wilderness, that liberals believe no one on the Right opposed Bush's prolifigate spending. If now it is wrong to dissent from the government's Generational Theft Act, then liberals should stop wailing about President Reagan's slow action on AIDS.

There are some lefties that we should dismiss out of hand, since most of what they say are projections of their feelings. Janeane Garafalo, last seen on the planet Bizarro, has decried the Tea Party protests as "racist," because she sees the protests as against a "black man in the White House," and that the GOP had "crystallized into the white power movement." I think Ms. Garafalo should refrain from using a sentence with the words "white" and "crystal," since most of what she says reflects the intellect of those who use white crystals. People who believe in the "white power movement" have little use for any political party, least of all the GOP (need we remind Ms. Garafalo the party that is affiliated with rampant racism against blacks, and is affiliated with a former kleagle of the KKK?).

Much of the animus towards the Tea Parties by liberals stems from their inability, or unwillingness, to understand why a burdensome federal government is problematic for some in the electorate. They cannot, or don't want to comprehend the fact that the more money we give to the government, the less we'll have to care for our families. The government creates nothing, it comes up with an idea and relies on the tax payer to fund it. There are several complaints about anything the government touches as being poorly run, too much red tape, inefficient, etc., but some then call for more government intervention to compound the ineptitude (I also find it intriguing how liberals were shaking in their boots at the thought that the Bushites could find out what books gramma was checking out from the public library, or the thought that the eeevil Bushites could listen in on gramma's calls to her grandchilluns, but have no problem with growing the federal government behemoth?). Instead, they choose to make fun of actual protests, by channeling their inner homophobe, blame former President Bush for this mess, even as they had a hand in helping to create it, and give tax breaks for those who pay no taxes. They don't realize that sticking it to the rich will cause them to find ways to give the government less money, by seeking tax shelters, and shrinking the number of jobs...thereby increasing the already growing unemployment rate.

If you want to see an indication of where this nation is headed...take a look at California, things are so crazy there, even San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, (the guy who said that "gay" marriage is looming on our doorsteps in 2004 and 2008) is planning a run for governor...and it can't get any crazier than that!

Have a great day...

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