23 April 2009

So what color flip-flops would go with this outfit?

...as my outfit changes week to week...

Keith Olbermann's gonna cream his pants tonight upon the news that Dr. Condoleezza Rice, in her capacity as former President Bush's former National Security Advisor, signed off on allowing waterboarding. It's not as scandalous as say, forgetting to do one's "patriotic duty" by paying one's taxes, but that will not stop the usual suspects from crying "foul." He recently entertained former US Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski (ret) on his show to lament why her head rolled in the aftermath of Abu Ghraib, while none of her superiors did not (Unfortunately for Mrs. Karpinski, I don't think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, nor Sanchez approved of Lyndie England, nor any of her other counterparts, human pyramids or covering detainees with black sheets...or any of their other crazy antics for that matter).

Liberals will continue to peddle the ridiculous notion that waterboarding, or any other forms of harsh interrogation, produces no valuable intelligence. In fact, liberals will claim that terrorists have been programmed, through training, to say anything to stop the "torture." To prove this point, they'll even cover up information that rebuts their argument. Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, recently sent a memo to President Obama claiming that the harsh interrogations used by the CIA during the Reign of Terror the Bush Administration, produced valuable intelligence that protected our domestic and global interests. The New York Times in a surprise move, noted that some very important points made by Blair were redacted in the media statement, but the bloggers at C & L were gleeful at the notion that Bill Orally had finally met his match in Ellis Henican...only Orally was more right than wrong.

President Obama is known, by now, for his shifting political stances. He, unlike former President Bush, values public opinion, even if it makes him look like John "Waffles" Kerry on steroids. In an interview with ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the president claimed that he would not prosecute former Bushites for harsh interrogation against terrorists, something that his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, confirmed this past Sunday. Since it's obvious that he didn't consult the Demo-gods (Soros and kos) on the matter, he has left the door open, stating that it will be Attorney General Eric Holder's decision. Now, as with the impeachment trials of former Presidents Andy Johnson (D) and Bill Clinton (D), starting a witchhunt in an attempt to stick it to one's political opponents sets up a very dangerous precedent...one for which we can thank a Democrat later. The Republican party paid a price for going after Presidents Johnson and Clinton and the electorate viewed the potential removal of a president as politically motivated and detrimental to the country...but apparently, liberals can't learn that lesson.

An investigation would prove troublesome for some Democrats, who always revise history for their political benefit, who knew about the harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA and approved them anyway. Besides, it's not as if the CIA engaged in the same tactics that terrorists engaged in on Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl, the CIA's interrogations were controlled and designed to inflict little, if any physical damage. The CIA was playing mind games with them, and if the Left wants to criminalize that, then they should lock up every drill sergeant and anyone who's been in a romantic relationship. I think the Left would be wise to just let this one go, and concentrate on keeping the nation safe...since "they won."

For a group of people who wanted us to move on after the Clinton impeachment trial, even in the face of proof that he needed to be impeached, the fact that liberals are still "stuck on stupid" and have forgotten that the president has changed shows that they're more interested in bitching than actual governing. Then again, liberals have always been about criminalizing dissent...just check out Stalin's gulags or the latest posting at Media Matters.

Have a great day...

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