24 April 2009

He promised he'd listen to both sides of the aisle...

...he didn't say he'd heed the advice of his critics...

GayPatriotWest brings up a very interesting point amid all the brouhaha surrounding his decision to delegate possible prosecution of members of his predecessor's administration to his Attorney General. Last week, I am sure the president was aware of several protests to his Porkulus bill, and his severe increase of the federal deficit. To date, he's only acknowledged his perpetually angry left-wing base and ignored those who take issue with his Generational Theft Act and mega-prolifigate spending. People, who aren't suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, are going to see any attempt to jail members of the previous administration as vindictive, and Obama, who proclaimed that the days of old and stale methods of doing politics went the way of the dodo bird, will suffer immensely. As I said in my previous post, BDS sufferers would be wise to stop looking for blood, especially in light of evidence that members of their own party approved of the same practices when they wanted to make people believe they were just as strong on national security as Republicans.

Liberals are dumbfounded at the fact that people respond to allegations made against them. They act as if their words should be accepted as truth and any deviations are treated with shock. Throughout the campaign, then-candidate Obama leveled several baseless charges against the Bushites, claiming matter-of-factly, that their foreign policy has made the nation less safe and ruined our moral standing in the world. When making his inaugural address, he continued to level unsubstantiated charges against his predecessor, between all the booing of his supporters, and he gets bent out of shape at the idea that the people he's accused of destroying the United States are defending themselves. Apparently, when former Vice President Dick Cheney stated that Obama's efforts to make nice with any and everyone in the world, like closing GITMO and ending rendition, were making the nation less safe, it struck more of a nerve than previously thought.

The Washington Post has an article claiming that the motives behind Obama's decision to release the "torture memos" is so that the public will hopefully become BDS sufferers, like many of Obama's disciples. When details emerged that members of the Democratic leadership were also aware of the "torture," Obama, the panty-waist he is, backtracked. Obama, and his supporters, continue to remind us that he won, and that the electorate chose them to get the nation on the right track. In the midst of exacting revenge on his predecessor, we have an economic crisis, which the president claimed we had to act on lest we experience a severe economic downturn...or depression. This isn't a matter of being able to do more than one thing at a time, he's engaging in something that lefties bemoaned about former President Bush...criminalizing dissent, although in the case of President Bush, he did not. h/t: Steve Huntley

Obviously, the president welcomes backlash. He has authorized the release of more photos of the detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib, designed to evoke outrage amongst the perpetually outraged crowd (but they feel that showing footage of the Twin Towers falling is "cruel and unusual punishment"). The rest of us have seen the images and realized that while this act was detestable, it does not define the behavior of the US Military, and it only serves to continue the fomenting of anti-US sentiment abroad. Unlike lefties' thoughts about the Right, the Right does not support "torture," it's the defining down of torture by the Left that has caused the problems.

Keith Olbermann's friend, Eugene Robinson, has an article that pretty much sums up the Left's opinion. Even he is reluctant to see a prosecution of the Bushites for having a policy stance different from President Obama and AG Holder. There is no law criminalizing harsh interrogation techniques, and Democrats in Congress realize this, and had ample time to amend the law...they didn't. Like the Clinton impeachment, and the Johnson impeachment before that, these types of show trials and witchhunts will certainly make the US no better than Lenin and Stalin's Russia.

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