16 April 2009

I show my centre side...

...to show that I still have a heart...

Every now and then a posting by a leftie does make me think, and I often find myself in agreement with most of the things they say on one topic in particular...equality for people of all stripes. I realize that I'll get heat from some of my friends on the Right about this, but this issue hits me personally, because I just so happen to be one of the gays. For me, denying protection for gay couples solely on the basis of religious beliefs is not the way to go and does lead to left-wing activists seeking to alter the law by unconstitutional means. I'm not excusing their behavior, but those who perpetuate the notion that heterosexual couples always have something to fear from teh ghey, also shoulder some of the blame.

It isn't easy for anyone to come to terms with their sexuality, if it's out of what is seen as "normal." I believe it's much harder to come out in the black community, due to its foundation being the church. The church, as a whole, comdemns members who are gay to a life of torment, thereby pushing people away instead of drawing to Christ, as Jesus wants Christians to do. It seems that the church has more tolerance for the pastor cheating on his wife with another female member of the church, even though, according to some peoples' interpretation of Scripture, all sin is equal. I returned home a few weeks ago and attended Wednesday night Bible Study at one of the local churches. In short, I felt I was being set up and I had finally come to realize why so many gays have issues with the church (and some people are now forming their lips to say to me, "See, I told you so..."). h/t: Calamity Janie (thought you'd nevuh, EVUH see that day comin'...)

The pastor told a story about a church, whose choir had openly gay members, where the members got so bent out of shape, that the entire choir had a meeting and purged all the openly gay members out of both the choir and the church. This belief seems to fly directly in opposition to what YHWH commands we Christians do, and that is to witness and bring people to Him. How can that be done, when people who proclaim Christianity seek to use division and misinterpretation of Scriptures to bolster their strawmen arguments? I have yet to see any church push out drunkards, adulterers, and other people they deem sinners with as much fervor as they do with homosexuals.

I have been reading a book for some time now, On the Down Low by J. L. King, who used to live "on the DL." This book, like many of my other experiences, challenged what I had been taught in church as a child. When I was growing up, my brother and I were taught that homosexuality was an abomination, and that was reiterated at home, but we were also taught that women were distractions. I didn't know which one to reject when I grew up. I went with my feelings, and to those who believe this is a choice, let me tell you one thing...it isn't. I don't know of any sane person who would choose to bring hell and damnation upon them, I believe it's biological.

I do not ask anyone who does not condone teh ghey to change their beliefs by any means, but it makes no sense to deny equality to a group of people because of the person(s) they're to which they're attracted. I often tell the story of how I was railroaded while I worked for the Department of Defense, solely because I am gay. There is NO protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation in the government. I do applaud President Obama's efforts to rectify that wrong that has existed for far too long.

As I said, I know I'm gonna get heat for this, but I've been debating politics for a while now, and I believe I can hold my own...

Have a great day!

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