10 April 2009

If you don't want to be associated with them...

...don't hang around them...

Nothing gets Joy Behar's panties twisted more than hearing that her politics align with socialism. If you want to see a left-winger recoil and accuse you of avoiding a debate, accuse them of harboring socialism in their hearts. Of course, after you remind them that is how you feel each time they refer to you as a fascist or a Nazi sympathizer (I, your humble blogger friend, have been accused of being a Nazi sympathizer...). I'm not doing this as a way to get revenge against lefties, by any means, rather to remind them that despite their ignorance about their own ideology, they have more in common with Stalin's two Great Killing Sprees than the most hated right-winger.

A majority of blacks continue to vote Democratic, despite evidence that shows how Democrats have and always exploit the plight of blacks, and other minority groups, for their own political advancement. Democrats revise their racist history by smoke and mirrors, claiming that all the "racists" moved to the Republican Party, except when Strom Thurmond filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, he did so as a Democrat. A former US Senate President pro tempore is still a Democrat and was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, which served as the terror wing of the Democratic Party during Reconstruction and beyond. The reason Democrats have such a lock on the black vote lies in the Great Depression, when former President Franklin Roosevelt appeared more fiscally conservative, and appeared to care more about blacks than Herbert Hoover.

When a person tells the average black person about these facts, they dismiss them out of hand, claiming that the teller has been brainwashed by the white man, or they choose to remain in ignorance. The latter is the most tragic, especially when it appears in our congressional representatives. Recently, a delegation of members of the Congressional Black Caucus made their annual pilgrimage to pay homage to Raul and Fidel Castro's Cuba, which has the most atrocious human rights record this side of the Mississippi. It was like my boyfriend, who would get all schoolgirly while meeting Marilyn Monroe (Or me, at the prospect of meeting Jim Perry, from Card Sharks, or Bill Cullen). h/t: Humberto Fontova and Ed Morrissey and Michelle Malkin

It's good to oppose civil, human, and animal rights violations whereever and whenever they arise, but it's another thing to see it and act as if it doesn't exist in an effort to prove a point about embargoes not working. Democrats fought tooth and nail to get UN inspectors to investigate rampant human rights abuses at GITMO, when there weren't any, but take pause to kiss the ring of one of the world's most notorious dictators? Then again, they felt the same about Saddam Hussein, especially in the runup to Operation Iraqi Freedom...why be surprised?

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