25 April 2009

She has opened up her eyes...

...now she can see clearly...

Imagine it is September 2007 and a certain US Army general sits before the Senate Foreign Relations committee and hears that to believe Iraq is on the road to recovery, one must believe in the "willing suspension of disbelief." Discounted ads were taken in major US newspapers shaving legitimacy from the report given to then Senator Biden's committee, stating that this general was going to betray the truth about Iraq. Several prominent Democrats wanted the US to begin a drawdown of US forces because they felt that our efforts there were fruitless, they even had the audacity to tie funding for the contingency to an announced timeline for withdrawal. Sunsara Taylor, of World Can't Wait, destroyed television sets nationwide with the outrageous claims that the Iraq conflict was akin to the war crimes committed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Liberals across the globe were lauded for their bravery, when they would shout down OIF supporters...even though none of them would dare face down a terrorist they were hell bent on demanding we understand.

Fast forward to April 25, 2009 and we have the same person, in the form of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who couldn't believe that Iraq was recovering, now taking the conservative view, that the reason the terrorists have stepped up their attacks is because they do not want to see a stable Iraq. What a difference a letter behind the commander-in-chief makes, right? Perhaps Obama and the rest of the Iraq naysayers are now realizing how much a danger terrorism poses for the world. Our biggest ally in Afghanistan, Pakistan, is teetering on the brink of collapse as the Taliban advances towards the capital, Islamabad. Then again, if he and his cronies realize this, then they'd back off their pursuits of prosecuting Bush officials for playing mind games with terrorists.

But the UN's not going to allow President Pantywaist off the hook so easily. After Spain mulled about prosecuting US officials for "torture," it caused the Angry Left to wet its pants at the prospect, since a prosecutor felt that since Spanish citizens were held at GITMO, and these detainees claimed to have been tortured, it gave them due process to go after Bush officials (but Spain couldn't find evidence that these detainees were potential terrorists?). Not a word was mentioned by the Angry Left when Spanish lawyers recommended the action not take place. The UN is trying to reestablish its relevance by claiming that Obama's reluctance to prosecute Bush officials for "torture," violates international law, this, while hosting an anti-semitic conference with the likes of Ahmadinejad and other human rights abusers.

The UN doesn't take itself seriously, especially in light of the Oil for Food scandal, Rwanda, and a host of other atrocities. Besides, if the harsh interrogations bestowed upon terrorists by the CIA is almost torture, by the lettering of international law, this witchhunt is a waste of time. Liberals can't agree that any of the methods used by the CIA is torture, they always use other modifiers, like "questionable practices," "suspected," "alleged," or "tantamount." If it's torture, say it...but based on what I've read, liberals would be wise to not allow this to continue to blow up in their faces, then again, they've always been the type to engage in S & M practices.

Has anyone considered the notion that if these people were innocent, and were caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, why their native nations are refusing to integrate them into society? And they call conservatives "stupid..."

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