18 June 2009

Tina Brown: Sarah Palin should ride Bill Clinton's coattails, just like Hillary did...

...but she should first dye her hair blond...and then don a alpha female pant-suit

It is no secret that I like Sarah Palin. She, unlike Joe Biden and Barack Obama, made me feel great to be in the United States of America. Despite all that went wrong during the final months of the Bush regime, Palin reminded us why this is still the greatest country in the world. She is the reason I decided not to vote for Bob Barr and support McCain, at the last minute. Because she, like "Joe the Plumber," dared to challenge Obama on his vulnerabilities, liberals sprang into action poking fun at her looks, her five children, and her governing style (Troopergate). Obviously, they couldn't find anything objectionable about her policy positions, although I will admit that she should have been more exposed by the McCain campaign.

Even after McCain's defeat in November, liberals still felt threatened by Palin. I guess the governor of Alaska is in a position to be a bigger threat to mankind than Obameconomics. Recently, David Letterman said of Palin that she had the style of a "slutty flight attendant," and of Willow Palin, Sarah's 14 year old daughter, that she had been "knocked up by [A-Rod]." The backlash was almost immediate and, in my view, well deserved. To some Palin haters, it was Sarah's fault because she didn't get Letterman's "joke," and that she should "lighten up." I wonder if they would have been so accomodating if Letterman had spouted the same rhetoric about them or their loved ones (Remember how people bitched about Rush's TV show mistakenly showing a picture of a dog, when he referenced Chelsea Clinton? I don't recall any liberals telling the Clintonistas to "get over it," or that they should "lighten up").

Tina Brown asserts that Palin should take a cue from Hillary Clinton, in that she doesn't hold grudges against President Obama for besting her in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. She also assails Governor Palin for "intellectual dishonesty," because she believes Letterman was not referring to Willow, but Bristol, who had been "knocked up." Most people champion Hillary standing beside her husband throughout the Lewinsky scandal, but Hillary knew that if she divorced Bill, she would not enjoy the power she currently enjoys. She rode the coattails of President Clinton, and it would be difficult to prove that she would have been Secretary of State or a US Senator, if we were not blessed with eight years of Clinton-style politics. Brown goes after Palin, claiming she should have gone quietly into the night after losing the Vice Presidency last year...because that's what "power women do."

Brown considers Clinton and San Fran Nan "power women," but these two did not go quietly anywhere. Clinton quickly ran for Senator of New York before her tenure as First Lady ended. She did not go quietly into the night after her defeat during the Democratic Presidential Primary, she went campaigning for Barry-O and sought to get her reward as his Secretary of State. No, instead of taking lessons from power-hungry individuals like Hillary and San Fran Nan, she should spend time honing the skills she already possesses.

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