16 June 2009

Hey, you know who's weak on national security?

...silly, you already know...

If you have never caught Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld on FNC, you're missing a real treat. Whenever I have the opportunity, I always catch Gutfeld and his roundtable of political commentators. He presents the political news of the day with such humor, it makes me jealous. On Panetta's comment about former Vice President Dick Cheney wanting another attack on US soil, Gutfeld wrote on his blog, The Daily Gut:

"But after that, Panetta make a fundamental error in his reasoning. See, he mistakes Cheney for a leftwinger. Remember, it was during the Bush Administration that the left milked the hell out of tragedy and calamity to make sure they won in November. Liberal bloggers never met a car bomb they didn't front page, and lefty pontificators would wet themselves whenever an opportunity to portray our soldiers as seething barbarians presented itself. Hell, you remember the mini-industry of films made about how awful the Iraq war was. They failed miserably at the box office, but helped achieve a loftier goal: they pulled crisis out of success, cementing a win in November.

I used to call these folks patriotic terrorists – people who claim they love their country, but need that same country to suffer, so they can win."

Some see this as the deflection it is, from the White House's weak statement on Iran. I guess I can't fault the POTUS for being a coward in this, after all, he's promised to sit down with Ahmadinejad and the mullahs. He wouldn't want to offend them with such petty-assed things like stressing free and fair elections (by the way, speaking of "free and fair elections," has anyone heard from Jimmah Carter lately?), the hallmark of a democratic society. To me, it's strange how Democrats hemmed and hawwed up until September 10th, 2001 about President Bush being "selected, not elected," but are silent in the face of actual instances of voter and election fraud. As US Senator Joe Lieberman said, we should stand "loudly and clearly" with the people of Iran. And building on what I said about Mossadeq yesterday, the people of Iran admire the United States, it's the government that has a problem.

On a side note, Allahpundit notes that President Hopey McChangerson was "shocked and outraged" at the murder of George Tiller, but "troubled" about the crackdown in Iran...shows where his priorities are, does it not?

People are being killed in Iran over the election results, and as Ace notes, A-jad was not as popular with the Iranian electorate as the Washington Post asserts. The populace clearly supported Mousavi, and their votes should be respected. It's "troubling" that people like Obamessiah believe that their opinions are the majority, and any outcome that doesn't show that is rigged. They protested in the streets and demanded recounts and claimed that Bushie stole the election, etc. They should be just as vocal as the Iranian protesters and conservatives on this issue, but I guess liberals and the mullahs are on the same page. It's the same "tough" stance he took during the Russia/Georgia conflict last year, calling on both sides to use "restraint," even though in this case, the mullahs are committing the horrendous acts against the protestors (what can a picket sign do against the Iranian military? Piss them off?)

Oh wait! I was sorely mistaken. Liberals have expressed their opinions about the travesty in Iran. You think they are condemning the mullahs for indiscrimiately beating and killing protesters...hell nah! They've compared A-jad to...wait for it...George W. Bush. Liberals are also believing the Cairo speech was the inspiration for the protests in Iran and the emergence of democracy in Lebanon. Funny, how no credit is given to President Bush, by invading both Iraq and Afghanistan paved the way for democratic reforms in the Middle East...

It's like Obama's sent an I-pod with his favorite songs to the mullahs, hoping all will be better...

Have a great day...

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