09 June 2009

Falling for the same rhetoric over and over again...

...doesn't dissuade the usual crowd from their talking points...

The good doctah doesn't really like blog wars and generally tries to keep discussions above board and humorous. Occasionally, there is one person who destroys all that and resorts to attacking me. I'm not whining, because I've been doing this for years, but I find it ironic that these are the same people that demand conservatives moderate their stances. Usually those types of blogs utilize President Obama's strawman argument to marginalize dissent, portraying any dissent as loopy and and on the fringe.

There is a blog on MySpace that talks about "Right Wing Whackiness At Its Worst", where the blogger uses the stereotypes about conservatives and Republicans to make her point that every one who criticizes her Obamessiah, is a nut...I thought she was sarcastic, until she admitted she wasn't. One of the things I was trying to figure out while reading this was exactly how the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, the KKK, all of a sudden became associated with the Republican Party. The idea was that in order for the GOP to win elections, they must become liberal. I'm not sure they were aware of the last election we had, but the moderate Republican did not win. h/t: Ryan

I pointed out on this blog that the GOP continues to lose because they have abandoned their conservative base, to which a regular commenter of the blog called me a "wingnut." I took it all in stride, as I do when other people call me names. I believe there's a larger point to be made here, and it goes above the ignorant masses who peddle the nonsense that the GOP needs to moderate. Don't fall for the wiles of liberals, who pretend to have the best interests of the opposing party in mind. Smart liberals know that if they move the GOP to the left, they'll secure future elections of Democrats, since most voters vote for the full monty, instead of the lite version.

Of course there is room in the Republican Party for moderates, but those who are moderate should be more willing to say WHY they lean conservative, instead of seeking ways to alienate them. I have my reasons for being conservative and there are times when I disagree with many of the platforms of the Right. Funny, I don't recall receiving a letter forcing me out of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. I believe that falls on liberals and Democrats, who force people out that don't adhere to their tenets...remember Joe Lieberman? Moderates in the GOP have as much a voice as Hardliners and those in between.

I continue to believe that this is a defense mechanism used by liberals to cover up the fact that they are embarrassed by Obamessiah. They can't afford to give up on him just yet, as it is his first year. Things are getting difficult for their Obamessiah, though. His Por-kill-us package has not had the intended effect on our economic recovery. He's losing the edge on spending and I believe if much is made about his Department of Justice taking a pass on protecting voters, among other failings, people like Janie and Dale Husband will soon wake up.

Have a great day...

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