03 June 2009

I hope he has a strong antibiotic...

...instead of two pills and a glass of water...

Although I know better, I would expect President Obama to visit the Middle East, and not be so determined to apologize for former President Bush's desire to spread democracy across the Middle East, and call on Muslims to renounce the acts committed in their name...and their willingness to wish "death to America" every six months. As a former Muslim (which, during the campaign, was grounds to be dismissed as a hate-filled lying liar), the president is in a good spot to call on Muslims to undergo a "reformation," similar to Christianity, where debate on the central tenets would be encouraged. The president experienced Islam on three different continents, so that would make him more of an authority on Islam than say...your humble correspondent.

Though he's being seen as a cure for the ills of his predecessor, many Muslims are skeptical that he will effectively convince them that he's the anti-Bush, as was evidenced in his speech to Cairo University. Muslims are extremely uncomfortable with the US partnering with Israel, and with anyone criticizing Arabs. He does get praise from the Arab community by expressing the positivity of Islam, though. According to many critics, his speech expressed a similar sentiment used when Obama described the Russia/Georgia conflict, that we should all express restraint. When he did talk tough, it came across, to AllahPundit, like addressing a room full of flat-earthers demanding they believe the earth is round.

Charles Krauthammer notes that the Obama Administration is reneging on several proposals that have been used by both Bushes and Clinton, which calls for a two-state solution to solve the Israel/Palestinian conflict. He says that the United States will no longer dictate solutions, but listen to other nations, since he believes that the US has always started the "peace process" by dictating. In yet another episode of sticking it to "whitey," Obamessiah demands Israel accept his plans, or be subject to being demonized as not wanting peace. Oddly, or should I say, as predicted, no concessions were expected of the Arabs, with the small exception that they shouldn't go around killing innocent men, women, and children.

It shouold be noted that governments that are forced upon people often rely on keeping the people in check. Everyday a dictator is threatened by an uprising by his subjects who have grown weary of oppression. To keep his power in check, the dictator forms a scapegoat to divert attention from his shortcomings. In the case of the Palestinians, and other similar governments, these scapegoats are the United States and Israel. Also noted in Krauthammer's piece was how in the years since Israel turned over its lands to the Palestinians, no infrastructure has been built on these lands by the Palestinian government...of course they blame Israel.

Israel was not the only group thrown under the bus. Several have noted that the president did not call out Arabs on their treatment of gays or women. So my instincts were correct, that this was just another suck-up to our enemies tour. Meanwhile, our long standing allies are feeling this new "change we can believe in." Both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel have recently joined the club formed by Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Gordon Brown...Obama's Snub Club.

I would like to end this entry with this personal observation. Many Obama fans often chastise me for criticizing Obama's plans claiming he's just one man and hasn't had time to get his act together. Apparently, they don't realize that this supposedly powerless man is destroying any and everything that we hold dear in the United States. In six short months, our relations with our allies have been strained like never before, and our enemies are seeing us as pansies...but don't blame me, I voted for the other gal.

Have a great day...

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