01 June 2009

It's too early to separate...

...but each passing day makes the job easier...

Liberals are now starting to believe conservatives about Obamessiah, but it's too soon for them to start being more vocal about his ineffectiveness. These people have a hard time acknowledging that those eeevil conservatives were right all along. What I would like to focus on is the continued mantra we hear from liberals that the Right is racist. Watching an episode of my favorite sitcom, All in the Family, when Mike is passed over for a promotion at a university in Minnesota for a black man, the dean's consolation to Mike made plain why liberals feel that minority racism is justified. He said that for too long the scales had been unbalanced in favor of whites, so no matter the qualifications, it's ok if a potentially less qualified minority advances over a more qualified white man. Now, that sentiment reflected what I felt in my teens and early twenties, but how much longer can liberals get away with this type of behavior?

It should be common knowledge that if the goals some liberals claim they're hoping to achieve for minorities were reached, many of them would be jobless. By no means am I claiming that conservatives corner the market on racial harmony, but in my view, it is best that people only judge others based on merits alone and nothing else. Pro-Sotomayor types show their insecurities about her qualifications by claiming that opposition is racism, but this is the same tricks they used when the Right criticized Obamessiah, something that former Obama-aid drinkers are slowly realizing. It's nice when Democrats are reminded of their racist past and are forced on the defensive.

We know how Democrats were at the forefront in opposition to Miguel Estrada because they did not want President Bush to have the first Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court. Mona Charen believes it's more than that. She believes that Democrats should have to face the consequences when one of their own makes baseless charges. Conservative sage, Thomas Sowell, reiterates what I've been saying throughout my time as a political blogger, that invoking people's feelings in judicial rulings is dangerous, and he bolsters it by saying, in summary, that all citizens are expected to know the law, in advance, and follow it, one cannot know the life experiences of judges if they have the misfortune of appearing in front of one for violating it. He also says that like the Great Immigration Debates of 2006 and 2007, the chattering class can stop this seemingly unstoppable train as well.

Ace, has a post about his feelings for minority conservatives. He says that their skin color should not be a bar to criticism. He applauds Janice Rogers Brown, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Alberto Gonzales' rise up the political ladder, but at the same time, wants people to be careful about criticizing the "wise Latina." Obama's new-fangled opinion was expressed by none other than Montel Williams (he should have stuck with commercials for prescription drug coverage...), who claims that Obama is under some new type of procedure, where Congress has to clear his picks (no doubt this new procedure has a tinge of racism...). He claims that no other president has been under this type of scrutiny and that any opponents to Sotomayor wants the court to return to the days when Democrats appointed all those racist Supreme Court Justices of segregation. Before you laugh, there are plenty of people out there who are ignorant of the US Constitution, and believe exactly what Williams says. That falls into a whole 'nother subject...like high schools not teaching Amurican History the way it happened.

Seeing their excuses folding like a house of cards, the pro-Sotomayor crowd is taking to task those who bemoaned Sotomayor's "empathy," but championed Justice Alito's...

Have a great day...I'll be eating fish!

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