27 June 2009

Obama: Hey, maybe Dick Cheney was right...

...but I'm too much of a chickenshit to admit it...

Remember how St. Barack reminded Amuricans how his predecessor's foreign policy showed how stupid Bush was and that he would once again restore us to the likability we had during the Clinton Years, when most of the world was laughing at us? Obama kool-aid drinkers wanted the new president to let the sunshine in on the secrets of the Bush White House and to jail its inhabitants for prosecuting a conflict in the same manner it had been for thousands of years. Since taking office, conservatives have been ridiculed for pointing out that liberals' St. Barack was adopting the very prinicples he derided for about two and a half years.

St. Barack was lauded by his defenders for taking on the criticism of former Vice President Dick Cheney by appearing in the National Archives. The rest of us saw it for what it was worth...taking on Republican strawmen, and a waste of time. Fortunately, with Obama signing an executive order that states illegal combatants can be held indefinitely without trial, he appears to be acknowledging that Bushitler, for all his shortcomings and dumbassery, had it right all along. If Obama was as intelligent and honest as he wants us to believe, he would tell his supporters in a press conference that his predecessor was right, and be man enough to take the backlash (I know, I know...yeah, right). This is a man who believes the Iranian protesters looked to his "Cairo Speech" for inspiration, which said nothing about democracy, not the fact that his predecessor wanted to spread democracy around the world.

On this, like many other issues of a pressing nature, Obama would like to have it both ways. There is nothing wrong with standing on principle, and based on his performance so far, Obama appears to have none. If he believes Bush foreign policy was a disaster, he has the power to change it, not campaign against it and find new love for it when he becomes president. That makes him just as much a waffler as John F'n Kerry who, if you need to be reminded, was for the war before he was against it. Mousavi campaigned against Ahmadinejad using the same rhetoric Democrats used on the campaign trail, that Mahmoud's aggressive policies alienated Iran from the rest of the world and turned it into a pariah state (Well, Mir Mousavi was taking notes from Hillary Clinton AND St. Barack). And if St. Barack's embracement of the very policies he claimed to abhor are any guide, Mousavi would adopt Mahmoud's aggressive agenda as well, that is if Mahmoud and the mullahs cede power.

The fact that he is now embracing these policies shows that conservatives were right all along, in the area of foreign policy. Instead of alienating them, he should at least listen to them, since he acknowledges their wisdom, albeit belatedly. Liberals reminded us that St. Barack was right in his slow condemnation, or lack thereof, of the atrocities occurring in Iran, as if everyone shares their hatred of a strong Amurica. Obviously, St. Barack doesn't believe that either, since he's slowly embracing Mousavi's plight now. Aren't you reminded of that familiar saying, "Don't send a boy to do a man's job?"

Have a great day...

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