13 June 2009

Playing the race card can get you burned sometimes...

"I hope she can find a wise Latina doctor to set that ankle, as opposed to an average white doctor, because the wise Latina doctor has much richer experience with broken ankles."--Rush Limbaugh

While liberals focus on the boogeyman "right-wing extremist," in their campaign to cover up for Obama's countless missteps, the race war that he's perpetuating is becoming a little too hot to handle for him. Very few noticed that his association with a black separatist would become a central theme for his presidency. All of his defenders dismiss criticism of Obama's policies as racist, conservatives and Republicans can't stomach having a black president, which is kinda funny when you consider how they supported having two black US Secretaries of State, a minority US Attorney General, and a black US Supreme Court Justice. It has been Democrats and liberals who have been on the wrong side of the race wars, since they believe that just because a white man has held a position for so long, it's time a black guy held it...no matter how unqualified he is.

This crap started shortly after Obama resigned his US Senate seat. Roland Burris believed that the seat should have gone to a black man...namely, him. He played the race card against Harry Reid, who, in a surprise move showing he had a backbone, refused to seat him. After US Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) played Softball with Chris Matthews, Reid folded like a house of cards. Now that evidence is emerging that Burris was in on Blagojevich's selling of the US Senate seat to the highest bidder, Democrats are unbelievably angry, even moreso that the nominees to various positions appointed by Obama feel they're entitled because of their race.

Sotomayor's confirmation hearings will be the first in recent memory that will not focus solely on Roe v. Wade, but on affirmative action. Her responses to questions posed by senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and will be used as fodder if she fucks it up. We all know how Democrats and liberals will stand on this issue, that Republican opposition to Sotomayor is racist, not only against Hispanics, but against the nation's first black president. Since we have minorities in several senior positions in our government, and have for a while now, the idea of continuing a program, like affirmative action, is merely a waste of time.

Minorities have access to a litany of programs and services they didn't in prior years. The nation has come a long way in ensuring equal protections for all its citizens based on race. This is not the United States in the Jim Crow Era, but one that has more than made up for its original sin...slavery. Obviously, based on her ruling in the Ricci case, Sotomayor still believes the race war needs to continue.

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