03 June 2009

Obamessiah: Hard on rhetoric...2

...soft on standing tough on Amurican principles...

If a political novice allies himself with a known terrorist, a devout Marxist, and black separatists, why would people expect that this same political novice, who is the new president, change his spots? Growing up in a church that preaches black separatism and that "whitey" is the root of all evil, one would expect some hostility directed at "whitey" if this political novice tasted a little power. It seems, as I have been saying for awhile now, that Obama's chief goal is to stick it to "whitey" to pay for their ancestors' past sins. It doesn't matter that those who advocated "separate, but equal" policies are in the minority, and we, as a nation, are accepting many different things as years pass...the goal is to continue to foment the divide that has existed since our nation's inception, and it will continue as long as the Misery Merchants allow it.

I had forgotten why I listen to Rush Limbaugh, but on my way to fellowship with my parents and family yesterday, I decided to tune in. Of course you know, the president is on Apology Tour II, Muslim World Edition. Before leaving, he gave an interview for the BBC, which apologized for an "imposition" of our values on other nations. Limbaugh is right when he says "freedom is not an imposition." The foundation of our nation is Judeo-Christian morals, and we did not impose them on Afghanistan, Iraq, nor any other nation we defeated in wars and other conflicts. When we defeated Saddam, we removed the shackles he placed on his people, by offering the citizens of Iraq the freedom to choose their own government. The same goes for Afghanistan. The forms of government that are imposed on people are totalitarianism, communism, fascism...not democracy. I guess since the face of democracy almost always happens to be white, I guess Obama has to fight against that too.

Limbaugh went on to say that Obama...I mean, the walking strawman, who believes that the US should not "impose" its values on other nations and cultures, doesn't think twice about having other nations impose their values on the US. Pressure from international groups demanded the closure of GITMO, that we surrender Iraq and vacate post haste, and give terrorists rights and privileges for which they didn't qualify. We have to reason with Mahmoud, Hugo, and Bashir because that eevil, mean, white man called Bush imposed some eevil thing called democracy and he always expressed some strange feeling called "Amurica First" rhetoric. Any and everything about the US is bad, since most people associate the US with "whitey." Barry-O feels it's best to run around and destroy "whitey" whereever his head appears.

Continuing on the theme of his lack of clarity on race issues, the Obama Justice Department has recently deemed the Georgia Voter ID law unacceptable. The Justice Department claims that the plan has a "discriminatory effect" on minorities, even though the plan does allow those who cannot afford a driver's license, or a similar form of ID, to get one from the Secretary of State's office free of charge. The rejection stems from a provision in the Voting Rights Act which says that those states under judicial oversight must obtain preclearance before changing the voting rules. There is a case that was argued before the Supremes back in April, that could possibly render the preclearance moot. It should be noted that the Supremes upheld Indiana's Voter ID law, even after liberals claimed it disenfranchised a woman...without noting she was on the voting rolls in two different precincts.

I wish someone would tell the president and his administration that this is not the 1960s, where racism was widespread. This is 2009, and if he still believes there's racism as rampant now as it was then, can someone tell me why HE's the president and not John McCain?

Have a great day...

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