17 August 2009

Palin: My new anthem should be Mariah Carey's "Obsessed..."

...'cause I think Maureen Dowd can't "quit [me]..."

The "Good" McCain writes in a blogpost about New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd's latest obsession, Sarah Palin. I have to say that in the time Palin has been in the national spotlight, she's come across as a serious policy debater, much to the chagrin of her left-wing counterparts. She's still regarded as a "dumb hick" by many in the liberal blogosphere, who seem to still think that Obama is governing as a "post-partisan." Palin's focus on questionable portions in the House bill, H. R. 3200, shifted the debate from being spoon-fed Obama delusions about the legislation to the electorate asking their congressional representatives about said provisions. Soon, Obamessiah had to address Palin's assertions, although he fell flat on his face, and the US Senate is mulling whether to drop one or more provisions in their version of the bill, which could be misused.

So while Democrats and liberals continue to go after conservatives for asking the hard questions, they don't notice how the fumbling by the Obama Administration is helping to sink this ship. Very little of the ire coming from liberals focuses on Obama's modus operandi, which is voting "present," as being a major reason why this bill may end up being a watered down version of what they envisioned. They prefer, instead, to continue to push this notion that the protesters at town halls are paid members of the healthcare insurance lobby and pitchfork carrying listeners of Rush Limbaugh. Liberals see these protesters as opposing Obama the Man, and not protesting his policies, you know, like they did with President Bush...right? I would like to note that if liberals are going to start referring to the healthcare industry and ObamaCare opponents as "Swiftboaters," then they're admitting that the protesters of ObamaCare are at least on the right track.

Matt Taibbi, who recently accused Newt Gingrich of backtracking on supporting "end-of-life" counseling, when he did no such thing, writes in his latest post about feeling guilty by not lauding the accomplishments of the people he sees as wanting an actual government takeover of the healthcare industry "fix" to our healthcare system. Upon the news that the Obama White House is waffling in its support of the so-called "public option," he tears into not only the House and Senate Democratic leadership, but against Obama by comparing them to...wait for it...George W. Bush. I mean, for a guy so hated by liberals, why are they calling on Obama to act more like him? The fact that the "public option" is being pushed further down the plank, like other provisions of the bill, should be a reason to scrap the entire thing and start over...

Fat chance, this is all to save the dear Obamessiah...Zandar told me so.

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