13 August 2009

California Prop 8 vote possible in 2012...

365gay.com reports that Equality California is pushing for another ballot initiative on gay marriage for 2012. The thinking is that more people will turn out for a presidential election, than an off-year one, which I believe to be true. I believe success will depend on public opinion of the Obama Administration, since many people associate gay marriage with Democrats. Though Prop 8 passed with the same margin that Obama beat McCain, I believe the margins will increase or lessen by the time 2012 rolls around.

A recent poll by Gallup shows that Americans, as a whole, oppose gay marriage. The analysis also says that support peaked at 46% in 2007, and unless gay marriage advocates penetrate the more conservative areas of California, Prop 8 will stand. That's not set in stone, however. If advocates learn from the defeat of Prop 8 last year by looking inward, not by demonizing its opponents, I believe gay marriage will garner more support. I pray that gay advocacy groups learn to reach out to conservative supporters, and fire those who harbor deep seated prejudices against people who don't have a (D) behind their name. Once gay advocacy groups, and gays in general, get over the idea that all righties are homophobes, more people will sign onto their agenda. Hat tip: GayPatriotWest

As for my opinion on gay marriage, I'm on the fence, as I believe it is difficult to maintain a monogamous relationship between two males. They are biologically inclined to be sexual conquerors, never content with one conquest. At the same time, I've been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for three years, and we plan to eventually marry and raise children. If the legislative process, not judicial fiat, allows for gays to marry, I'll support it. To me, marriage, as a concept, is a states-rights issue.

That's my opinion...what's yours?

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