04 August 2009

Geithner: Let us look to Europe for inspiration...

Dr. Asten: Yes, because they have such a wealth of knowledge...(/sarc)

As the Wall Street Journal article says, "Joe the Plumber's vindication draws nigh." I doubt Sam will get the apology due him by Helen Jones-Kelly, the Ohio DFACS, Democratic Ohio governor Ted Strickland, and liberals who thought it was racist when Obama's tax philosophy was inadvertently revealed on the campaign trail. The Wall Street Journal reports that Treasury officials are scrambling for ways to pay for their pet projects. Soaking the rich will not bring the deficit to manageable levels, Democrats hoped that crap-n-trade would raise enough revenue, but that went up in smoke after businesses pressured Democrats to give up $646B in proposed revenue. There is no other choice but to soak the middle class, which is feeling a small brunt already with the increase in cigarette taxes.

One of the means Democrats and Obama Treasury officials are mulling is an adaptation of the European style "value added tax," or VAT. European officials, according to the WSJ, love this tax because it raises so much money with little notice from the taxpayer. According to its Wikipedia entry, the VAT, in contrast to sales tax, is "neutral with respect to the number of passages that there are between the producer and the final consumer." Michigan had a similar tax, called the "single business tax," or SBT, but it was repealed last year by the Michigan state legislature, approving a voter-approved initiative. I wonder if this example, like the government-run healthcare travesties programs in Maine and Massachussetts, will force Democrats into having second thoughts...I won't hold my breath.

While liberals bend steel, run faster than locomotives, and leap tall buildings in single bounds trying to protect their dear Obamessiah from criticism, back on Earth, people are not happy. In fact, there are increasing numbers of protests to ObamaCare, and other Obama pet projects. Not learning anything from their attempts to demonize and marginalize the Tea Parties, liberals are claiming that conservatives are "hijacking" the meetings these congressmen have with their constituents. My friend Zandar (who I believe has no relation to the ally of COBRA, the enemy of GI Joe) believes they're ambushes (way to channel the Mike Stark, my boy...), and in one post, Zandar compares it to *gasp* "terrorism" (Hide the damn children!)! Here, yet again, Zandar and liberals blame the GOP and conservative groups when the ire of their hateful rhetoric should be directed at Democrats, who have yet to come up with a final bill (I wonder if dodgeball is a fan favorite of liberals...).

I think the thing being overlooked by the self-proclaimed smarter-than-you crowd is the fact that there is no plan to pay for the expansion overhaul of our healthcare system. No amount of wordplay will change the fact that ObamaCare will lead us on the path to European-style healthcare, and its magnificent problems. I believe Obama and Democrats would have been in a better position to pass this crap if all of their political capital wasn't spent on shoving Porkulus and crap-n-trade. All this money is being spent, yet there seems to be no end to it, and definitely no accountability. Liberals want to continue to use the screen play to keep us all distracted, and the quarterback is being sacked every time.

You see when Democrats and their anti-war liberal friends were ambushing Republicans, it was genuine...nowadays, it's terrorism. That should show you that we're on the right track.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Keith Olbermann...fresh off vacation!

Have a great day...

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