19 August 2009

Democrats: We're gonna take our ball and go home...

...and whine about Republican "obstructionism..."

Feeling the heat from not only their constituencies and Congressional Republicans, Democrats seem hellbent on doing something to save their political asses for next year's midterms. It has been President Obama who made ObamaCare the keystone of his presidency, and by god, he's going to call on Congressional Democrats to get something on his desk before the year's out. According to the Politico, it has been Obama who's been adamant about excluding Republican alternatives to his ObamaCare plan. We recall during the Porkulus "debate," how Obama attacked GOP strawmen and Rush Limbaugh by telling the GOP that they had to stop listening to him in order to get things done...and that "he won."

The New York Times is reporting Senate Democrats are mulling the use of a 1974 Senate rule, "reconciliation," to force a simple majority vote on ObamaCare. Ed Morrissey notes the difficulty Democrats will experience if they decide to go this route. Meanwhile, liberals whine that it has been used by Republicans before, except in this case, a majority of the electorate don't support the legislation being considered for "reconciliation." I would presume that if Democrats went ahead with this, they'll pay a political price next year. A better strategy is to listen and seriously consider Republican proposals and cease with the demagoguery.

One can always deduce the motive behind Democratic attempts to ramrod this crap down the throat of Amuricans. Bloomberg is reporting that an ad agency that is creating ads to garner support for ObamaCare owes Senior White House Advisor, David "Astroturf" Axelrod, money and happens to employ his son. Don't expect liberals to cry foul, as they did when Halliburton received contracts for work in Iraq, claiming Cheney's involvement was a conflict-of-interest. Take a sniff...Democrat projection always has that funny smell. Who is it that Democrats claim are on the take again?!?!

It isn't only Republicans who are having drawbacks to this bill. Conservative Democrats continue to have problems with it, and their constituency is continuing to make them aware of their opposition. I'm willing to bet that if the so-called "progressive" wing of the Democratic Party mollified the more conservative members, they'll peel some Republicans as well. The more the bill seeks to placate leftists, instead of all Amuricans, the more willing the opposition feels determined to kill the bill.

It's not that Republicans had no ideas, it's just their ideas weren't considered...

Have a great day...

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