10 August 2009

Cynthia Tucker: Obama opposition is rooted in racism...

Dr. Asten: Even if the victim of Obama thuggery is black?

I take a break from politics on the weekends, since I write so many blogs Monday-Thursday. Many of the issues I blog about on Mondays have generally been covered by the punditry before that time. One news item that I did not hear at all in the Obamedia is a story from St. Louis where members of the Service Employees Insurance Union (SEIU) engaged in a beatdown of an ObamaCare opponent, who also happened to be black. As predicted, there was no response from the race-pimping crowd (not that I was looking for one to begin with). The SEIU claims they were the victims in the encounter, but as Ace says, they don't offer a counterpoint to the events that happened. h/t: Kevin Jackson

I can't tell you how many times my white friends, that oppose Obama, are being maligned by my black friends, who support him. My black friends claim my white friends' disapproval is rooted in racism, after eight years of "slavishly" supporting former President Bush (I'm still looking for evidence of that claim). The intent is to browbeat whites into submission, similar to the rhetoric that emanates from the racists of the New Black Panther Party. Invoking the race card to demonize and marginalize opponents of Obama is a nice tactic, not ingenious, but it does not diminish the fact that his proposals are going to have a detrimental effect on this country for the long term. It's a good idea that we NOT give Obama time to sit by and allow this nation to go down the crapper. Obamabots may continue to be deluded into thinking that President Bush is still to blame for the deficit reaching $1.3Trillion, but their browbeating, and outright thuggery, will not silence me...nor anyone else. I don't mind being a martyr for my causes.

Another argument used by my black Obama-supporting friends is whether the people who are criticizing Obama will run for public office. I, indeed, have considered running for political office in the near future. Gwen Ifill's book, which I reviewed last week, gave me even more inspiration to run for office, Barack's rise to the presidency is commendable, as is Massachussetts' governor, Deval Patrick, but their times in office has not. I will stick my money where my mouth is, but the difference between Obama and I, is I'm not going to campaign for a job and bitch and moan because I was ill-prepared.

The reason why the Left believes their protests against Republicans and conservatives are authentic is because these groups are standing in the way of turning this nation into a statist and socialistic one. They pride themselves on trying to make regular, everyday Amuricans ashamed of being in the greatest nation in the world. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic, and proud of this nation. When she's threatened by forces domestic and foreign, I will stand against it. The oath taken by military members does not cover their enlistment or commission, for me, it's an oath taken for life.

They want you to keep quiet and allow Obama to invoke his agenda...don't allow them to get what they want! They're threatened and they don't like it one fucking bit!

Have a great day...

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