17 August 2009

Liberals: If ObamaCare goes down in defeat, it's because of "white guilt..."

...and Republicans...

No liberal better tell me they're smarter than conservatives ever, ever again. As more people continue to be appalled at the bills which make up ObamaCare, when they're exposed to the light, Democrats and liberals are still hoping that demonizing and marginalizing ObamaCare opponents will work. In one blogpost, Zandar, believes the opposition to ObamaCare, and his policies in general, is because of latent racism (while trying to convince people he's not calling them "racists"). A seemingly recurring theme on the liberal side is to portray the GOP as "happy with the status quo," even though a majority of the electorate, and the GOP, is not only "happy with the status quo," but are open for reform, not a takeover of the healthcare system. Democrats are hoping that the opposition we see in town halls all over the country, will turn into support in a few weeks (Ah, the faux outrage card). Based on that, it sounds like Democrats in the House will continue to push this crap over the objections of their constituents (when did that become a winning strategy?).

The president and Congressional Democrats are continuing to try and pull the wool over the eyes of their constituents. It's being reported throughout the blogosphere and the Obamedia, that the "public option," which would destroy the private insurance industry, may be on its way out the door, possibly picking a fight with the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party (but that won't be enough to keep them from voting for him if he decides to run for reelection...). This revelation prompted liberals to ask "Well, who IS Barack Obama..." (Shoulda listened to the Right and Hillary Clinton supporters, who were trying to tell you, instead of calling them "racists").

The idea that the "public option" is facing the knife blade is no reason to believe it will be gone for good. Since our Congress is made up of two houses, they must reconcile differences in various bills, then revote on the consolidated bill. The president receives the consolidated bill to sign into law. Usually, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader name conferees to the committee, based on their support of certain provisions in the bills, and whether the bills lie in the jurisdiction of the conferee's respective committee. For example, Pelosi appointed David Obey, Henry Waxman, Charlie Rangel, Jerry Lewis, and David Camp to the conference committee during the Porkulus "debate." Once a bill, called a conference report, emerges from conference committee, they cannot be amended, they receive only an up or down vote. Nothing will prevent conferees from inserting the "public option" into a conference report. Folks, this battle is FAR from over.

It is common knowledge now that Obama has shown a lack of leadership during his presidency. He should have been the one pushing for healthcare health care insurance reform from the beginning, instead of allowing the partisan House leadership to take the reins, and appearing to talk out of his hat. He's continuing to try and convince us of things in the bill that aren't. Steny Hoyer and Speaker Mimi are pretty much doing the same thing, despite the reports coming from the CBO. If the president wants to salvage ANYTHING from seeing the keystone of his presidency from going down in flames, he needs to tell us about it...and I'm not the only one who's saying that. If we are all going to be affected by this "reform," then we need to have a real debate and not rush into this, like Democrats and Obamabots want us to.

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