03 August 2009

Obama: Don't disturb me while I play my fiddle...

...pour some more of that ObamAid for people to drink!

The conversation I had with my brother got me thinking. Obama supporters leap over obstacles to play moral equivalence to problems during the Bush Years. In a segment on The Spew, Michelle Malkin had to field questions from the resident dingbat, Joy Behar, who still believes President Bush still sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While the rest of the nation is in reality, people like Behar, and my brother, believe we have to "get the pus out," even though most of that was done by not only Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck, et al. It's like an ex-girlfriend who's already gotten what she wanted and more from her ex-boyfriend, but still isn't satisfied.

Let me just call it for what it is. It's a rhetorical dodge from the issues surrounding Obama and Democrats' increase of the federal deficit. The Left tried their damndest to marginalize the Tea Parties that broke out on Tax Day and throughout Independence Day weekend, calling them every name in the book, but these movements against Obama's desire to nationalize the private sector are taking hold. I would caution Obama acolytes, like my brother, to read the political tea leaves and, for once, side with tax payers instead of the emanations coming from the White House. One example is the president's desire to shove ObamaCare on the electorate before Congress' August recess, despite the electorate being largely opposed to it. Ed Morrissey has a few videos of Democratic congressmen who've faced fierce opposition from constituents in their districts, to several provisions in the healthcare bill.

At least the electorate is becoming aware of the bill of goods they were sold. It seems foolish for Democrats to continue to blame the GOP for stalling their agenda, when they have overwhelming majorities in Congress. The people are even more upset at more emanations coming from the White House that a tax increase isn't being ruled out. While Obama wants people to act as if he's had no government experience whatsoever, he also has the gall to claim that he's never signed a bill that's increased taxes. I think my friends who are smokers take issue with that claim...one commenter notes Obama's use of the word "yet," which indicates he plans to do so sometime in the future.

Rush Limbaugh noted in his book, See, I told you so, noted how Obama's predecessor, Bill Clinton promised no tax increase on the middle class during the campaign of 1992, taking a shot at liberals' tricking President Bush 41 into doing so, but raised them shortly after he was inaugurated. The electorate did not like it then either, and I highly doubt the electorate would allow it to pass this time. Obama should pay a political price for demanding the passage of Porkulus and a $33 billion expansion in S-CHIP, then demanding the middle class ante up to pay for it, while his political supporters continue to be drunk on the ObamAid.

Obama's supporters have drawn the line...they're daring us to cross it. They want this crappola passed regardless of the damage it'll cost, what are YOU gonna do about it?

Have a great day...

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