26 March 2009

It's time for the the All New Blame Game...

...and here's our host, President Barack Obama...

I forgot to tell you, that I am a huge fan of classic gameshows. YouTube has been very essential to feeding this habit.

There has to come a time when President Obama has to stop blaming former President Bush for this recession. He'd have more credibility on this issue if he was not involved in national government before he became president. Even though he spent the last year of his US Senate tenure campaigning, he did have time to support the bailouts that did lead us to the current economic situation. I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt in the first two months of his administration, but he passed the Porkulus, which increased the national deficit, even more than former President Bush did in eight years. And, according to numbers at the Heritage Foundation, Obamessiah's a fool if he believes that this massive spending increase will cut the deficit by the end of his first (and hopefully ONLY) term. It is now time to declare that this is Obama's economy now, and the time for blaming Bush ended the day Obambi took office.

Liberals made fun of the fact that several "conservatives," who expressed their outrage at a misinterpretation of Rush Limbaugh's desires for Obama's policies to fail, ran back to kiss Limbaugh's ring. It was as if Limbaugh was akin to kos and Soros for Democrats. One CNN reporter, Ed Henry, had the audacity to criticize Obamessiah for sticking it to future generations, by forcing them to find a way to pay for this expansion in entitlement spending. CNN's Ed Henry has later heeded the advice of his bosses at CNN DKos and decided to make nice with Obamessiah. Apparently, Mr. Henry was at the salad bar when we had the discussion that Obama cannot be asked the tough questions, since liberals have already declared that to be subtle racism. I see no need to ask the obvious question here, why no one in the Obamedia, offered any letters of apology to former President Bush, when they asked questions that catered to the rabid moonbats of the left-wing base, instead of being objective.

I mentioned in my very first post that several of Obama's cheerleaders are now seeing the crap sandwich that was his entire presidential campaign. Michelle Malkin has a post about the Associated (with terrorists) Press' revelation about the number of jobs that Porkulus was supposed to create (remember how the president jumped on Air Force One and flew to Columbus, OH to claim credit for creating 25 new slots for police officers? Only he failed to mention that those jobs were temporary). He's treating the media, that helped get him elected, worse than they dreamed Bush did, his efforts at being a diplomat are being laughed at by the "petro-dictators," many senior slots in his administration are still unfilled. We are seeing the wheels come off of Barry-O's train, (his bus is in good shape though) and Joe Conason still believes that Obama's policies are above criticism. Liberals howled at their talking point, that former President Bush was using the tragic events of 11 September 2001, to go after Saddam Hussein, but are turning a blind eye to Obama's use of the current economic crisis to push his disastrous social agenda down the throats of the electorate.

As my wise mother used to say, "boy, you can't spend yourself into prosperity," perhaps Obama should have asked my mother what her thoughts are in addressing this mess. I should make it clear that I am not opposed to spending. One must spend money to make money, but at some point, we must engage in a little bit of fiscal responsibility...a concept our dear, fearful leader has yet to learn.

Have a great day...

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