26 March 2009

First things first...

...I'm starting to like the place already...I hope you made it here safely

This is my first post on a site like this, I've been blogging on MySpace for three years, and I've loved every minute of it. I used to debate on social websites and I got tired of being interrupted and having my opinions twisted, to the point that I forgot exactly what I was talking about. As far as politics is concerned, which will be the primary focus of this blog, I lean centre-right. I believe in strong national security, smaller government, fiscal responsibility (even if I forget to practice it myself), and strive for equality for all law abiding citizens. I am anti-illegal immigration, I welcome immigrants, but they should abide by our laws and assimilate to our culture, not the other way around. I'm gay, but most of my opinions are outside of the opinions that many prominent "gay advocacy" groups hold.

I used to be a die-hard Democrat, I voted for Bill Clinton in the mock election at my high school, in 1996. I voted for Al Gore in the Election of 2000, and for Max Cleland in the Election of 2002. It wasn't until the Election of 2004, when my political winds began to shift and I saw that for all the ranting Democrats did in the name of "equality," none of their policies sought to achieve that goal. From where I stood, many Democratic platforms sought to divide, or demonize those who refused to buy-in to their wrongheaded agenda (you should check out their platform for the Election of 1868 when you get the chance). Then I learned that they were responsible for standing in the way of equality for blacks after the US Civil War, and even had the audacity to filibuster each and every opportunity that arose for blacks to attain it (Oh, and they were responsible for the founding of the Ku Klux Klan).

That's not to say that I decided to become a die-hard Republican, though many of my principles align with theirs. After seeing how former President Bush and Republicans, while they were in the majority, thumbed their nose at the base several times, I flatly stated that I was an independent. I did vote for McCain/Palin this past election, because I believe he was the better choice for the office than its current occupant. I'm no Nostradamus, or a Miss Cleo for that matter, but from what I'm seeing, many people are agreeing with me in that President Obama has no idea what he's doing and continues to want the populace to be enamored by his ability to read a teleprompter. Little does he know, being able to read is only part of the job of president, one has to also be able to lead and so far the only thing Barry-O's been able to lead is this nation further into the crapper.

For any new readers that may come, I read stories on the web and craft my thoughts. I often blog about why I believe the latest thing coming from Barry-O's piehole is wrong, or why Meghan McCain is better off showing why she's conservative or a "progressive Republican," rather than spending her energy catering to rabid liberal talk show hosts, who want to distract us from the fact that liberals are better at bitching and moaning, instead of governing. Though I disagree with many liberals, I have many friends who are, and I welcome even more in my circle. I encourage debate, not attacks. Hopefully, you can learn from me, and I from you. I'd like to welcome you again to my new home and I hope you keep coming back.

I end all my posts with the phrase "Have a great day..." and that is truly from the heart...

Have a great day!

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